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After years waiting, here and now ROAD TEST 

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International and Inter-American Driving Permits

If you are planning on doing any driving while on your next trip abroad consider getting an International Driving Permit (IDP) or for traveling in Central and South America, an Inter-American Driving Permit (IADP).

International Driving Permit (IDP) and Inter-American Driving Permit (IADP)

All AAA clubs in the US and Canada are the only legal organization to issue the IDP and IADP to holders of a valid U.S./Canadian driver license. To apply, simply print the application, fill in the information requested and bring or mail the following to a AAA office nearest you:

a completed application form,
two ORIGINAL passport-size photos,
a $15 permit fee and
a photocopy of your driver's license.
NOTE: If you are currently overseas or need to mail your application, please mail your completed application to the following office and address: AAA/IDP, 1000 AAA Dr., Heathrow, FL 32746 Attn: Mailstop #28. Please allow 4-6 weeks for return mail.
Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

Applicant must hold a current U.S. state, territorial, or U.S. Department of State driver's license which is not under revocation or suspension and which is valid at the time the IDP is issued. (State side license must remain valid for IDP to be valid.)

The application must be completed in its entirety showing the date on which the application is made and be signed by the applicant in the same manner as his or her signature appears on the supporting home state or territorial license.

Applicant must furnish two recent passport type photographs (2" X 2") with the applicant's signature on the back.

A fee of $15 must be collected and retained by the issuing AAA club.

All AAA clubs in the United States and Canada are authorized and are the only legal organizations to issue the International and Inter-American Driving Permits to holders of a valid U.S./Canadian drivers license. The United States was one of the first countries to ratify the "United Nations Conventions on International Road Traffic of 19 September 1949", which came into effect in March, 1952. Over 100 countries are party to the Convention. In April, 1952, the U.S. Department of State officially authorized AAA and the American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA) to issue an International Driving Permit to any resident of the United States or its possessions who is 18 years or over and who holds a valid U.S. state driving license. This authorization to the two responsible Automobile Associations was based on the fact that they are non-profit organizations with member clubs in all parts of the United States, giving wide local coverage for information and service, as well as a close relationship with motoring associations in all other countries which have likewise been authorized by their respective governments to perform these services for international motorists. The issuance of the International Driving Permit is an automobile club service to the general public which cannot be restricted to AAA members nor to people who make their travel arrangements through AAA Travel Agency.

The IDP is issued for a one-year period. It is valid for one year from effective date provided the state license is still valid throughout that period.

If the applicant's state license expires before the one-year expiration date, the applicant should be aware that the IDP is only valid for the length of time that the domestic driver's license is valid, but the IDP will be issued for a one-year period based on the intention to have the state license renewed at the appropriate time.

For those on active duty in the military and your U.S. license has or is due to expire, each state has its own provisions for extending the validity of state driving licenses for active duty military. Though valid in a home state, an expired U.S. license held by active duty military may not be valid or acceptable in a foreign country per that country's driving requirements. See for state information on renewals, keeping in mind that an IDP is only a translation of the license, not a license to drive. Military applicants must understand the conditions under which an IDP is valid if insisting upon issuance of a permit against an expired U.S. license that may be considered valid in their home state until discharged from active duty.

NOTE: If a state DMV allows renewal online or by mail for active duty military personnel stationed out of state, applicants should renew their license prior to issuance of an IDP. Some states will issue a DL236 card to be presented with an expired license to extend validity.

The IDP cannot be issued on the basis of a U.S. Government License which is limited to the operation of government-owned vehicles only.

The IDP cannot be renewed on the strength of a previously issued permit. Each applicant must reapply for a new IDP.

The IDP is not valid for driving in the United States or its territories.

The IDP is not valid by itself for driving and must be carried with the applicant's regular driver's license.

The IDP should never be promoted as a single source of identification for situations when a photo identification is required. Passengers have been denied boarding for flights when an IDP was presented as the only form of identification bearing a photograph.

Inter-American Driving Permit (IADP)
The Inter-American Driving Permit (IADP) is issued for traveling in countries in Central and South America.

The Mandatory requirements are the same as those for the International Driving Permit (IDP).

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Out of the County? If you want to drive in Florida, you must see this.

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