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We all have them: our battle scars. Some people choose to wear their scars proudly, especially if the scars have exciting stories behind them. For the rest of us, scars are something we look to avoid and cover up, and we hope they eventually disappear. Unsightly scars can be treated using scar revision techniques.

Scars result when there is an overproduction of collagen fibers during wound healing. This new tissue often has a different color and texture than the surrounding skin, which creates a visible scar. New scars tend to appear red and swollen because there is increased blood flow to the injury site. Scar revision should only be considered once the scar has reached maturation. In many cases, scars naturally fade over time and do not require surgical intervention.
Scarring Factors
While the severity of the wound plays an important role in the formation of a scar, other factors that can alter the chances of scar formation include:

Age of the person
Genetic predisposition
Location of the wound
Healing process

Types of Scars
Scar treatments depend on the extent of scarring and what type of scar forms. Hypertrophic scars are the most common. They are caused by excessive amounts of collagen, giving the scar a raised appearance. Keloid scars occur from an overgrowth of scar tissue. They are raised like hypertrophic scars but tend to be larger than the original wound invading the surrounding tissue. They usually become stiff, hard, and nodular. Sun exposure can cause discoloration of a keloid scar. Common scar formations result from:

Body piercings

Scar Treatments
Most scar revision techniques can improve the appearance of the scar, and, in some cases, the size of the scar can be reduced. However, no scar can be fully eliminated.

Scar-reduction products and massage can help prevent and treat mild hypertrophic scars
Cortisone injections can also improve the appearance of hypertrophic scars
Pressure dressings with silicone inserts can help smooth raised scars
An excision technique focuses on creating a new wound and controlling the healing process, resulting in a less prominent scar

Cortisone injections into the new wound can further improve the appearance of the scar

Postoperative radiotherapy is used only in extremely difficult cases

If you wish to see an improvement in the size, color, or overall appearance of an unsightly scar, schedule your consultation with Dr. J. Brian Boyd today. Contact our office by calling 310. 295.2287, or fill out our online contact form for more information.
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There are many factors that go into making a first rate plastic surgeon, such as training, skill, experience, dedication, and passion for the work at hand. What people often fail to realize (and this may be just as important as all of the other characteristics) is that an outstanding plastic surgeon has a passion for the community no less than for the refinement of surgical technique.
Feeling connected to those around them helps doctors build quality, long-lasting relationships with their patients, permitting them them to better understand each one’s needs and goals. Dr. Brian Boyd is a long-standing member of the South Bay community, and was recently featured on SouthBay Magazine’s “Spa, Beauty & Fitness” online profile (read his whole profile here).

Attention to Patients
Dr. Brian Boyd attributes the success of his practice to the quality of patient care he provides. He says he keeps his clients happy by “getting to know them personally and gaining a good understanding of their fears and expectations.” Having an open and honest dialogue is the number one influencing factor in achieving outstanding results. If a surgeon hasn’t developed a personal relationship with his or her patients, then chances are he or she won’t have a solid grasp on individual patient goals. Dr. Brian Boyd’s practice offers a variety of incentives to encourage patient loyalty, and believes strongly in “treating patients with respect and taking their problems seriously.”
Passion for the Craft
Loving your work is probably as important as caring about your patients. Dr. Brian Boyd feels that the most rewarding aspect of being a plastic surgeon is when the surgery provides a significantly beneficial change in the person’s life. Not merely satisfied satisfied with merely doing; he is always looking to grow and evolve as a plastic surgeon and as a physician. Dr. Brian Boyd is a dedicated member of the full-time faculty at UCLA and feels that “there is no greater incentive to learn than to teach.” He is also a reviewer for three major plastic surgery journals, which allows him to keep up-to-date on the latest theories and methods. There is no denying the quality results achieved by a surgeon who is passionate about his craft.

What to see the results for yourself? View his before and after gallery here and see the amazing results Dr. J. Brian Boyd has achieved.   
Offered Procedures
Dr. J. Brian Boyd offers a number of plastic surgery procedures to enhance the members of the South Bay community. Click on each link to learn more about the procedure.

Eyelid Lift
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift/Reduction
Breast Reconstruction
Body Contouring
Tummy Tuck
Brazilian Butt Lift
BOTOX® Cosmetic


If you are seeking an experienced, top quality, board-certified plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation with Dr. J. Brian Boyd today. Contact our office by calling 310.295.2287, or fill out our online contact form here for more information.
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Dr. J. Brian Boyd, a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon, released his latest book in January 2015. Operative Microsurgery, co-edited with hand surgeon Dr. Neil F. Jones, is designed to facilitate the learning of both common and advanced microsurgery operations. Plastic, ENT, Hand, and Orthopedic surgeons are aided in mastering these techniques through the book’s full-color, step-by-step procedural guide. Operative Microsurgery is a clear and comprehensive text that focuses on microsurgery of the limbs, nerves, brachial plexus, breast, trunk, head, and neck.

Dr. J. Brian Boyd is a board-certified surgeon who has refined his microsurgery skills over his 25 years in practice and now focuses on breast reconstruction and aesthetic surgery. He is currently Professor of Surgery at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Boyd is an associate editor for two major U.S. plastic surgery journals and has had over 120 publications in the scientific literature.

As a breast reconstruction surgeon, Dr. J. Brian Boyd has become a leader in the latest muscle-sparing free flap reconstruction techniques, which allow him to maintain the form and function of the breast while minimizing the donor defect. He also performs a variety of enhancement, rejuvenation, and reconstructive procedures, such as:

Breast augmentation
Breast reduction
Breast reconstruction
Secondary rhinoplasty
Body contouring
Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. J. Brian Boyd’s main office is located in Manhattan Beach, but he also serves Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, and the surrounding South Bay, Los Angeles areas. Dr. Boyd believes in treating every one of his patients with respect, attention, and kindness.

If you are seeking breast reconstruction, surgical enhancement, or secondary surgery, schedule your consultation with Dr. J. Brian Boyd today. Contact his office at 310.295.2287 or fill out his online contact form here for more information.
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Now that the warm days of summer are upon us, it is more important than ever to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Sun damage does more than affect the appearance of your skin; it can also cause skin cancer. While many moles, brown spots, and growths are typically harmless (benign), they do have the potential to be cancerous (malignant). Following the ABC system to evaluate the condition of marks on your skin can help determine whether or not they pose a cancer risk.

The ABCs of Skin Cancer
Benign moles should be symmetrical. If you imagine drawing a line through a mole and the two halves do not match up, then that mole could be malignant.
A benign mole will have a smooth border, while malignant moles typically have uneven or jagged borders.
Moles that are harmless tend to be all one color (brown). Malignant moles may include a variety of colors (jet black, red, white, and even blue) and shades that are often a tell-tale sign of melanoma.
Benign moles are usually smaller in diameter than malignant moles, which tend to be larger than the diameter of a pencil eraser.
Benign moles will always look the same as they did when they first appeared. Malignant moles typically change size, shape, and color over time as the melanoma invades the surrounding tissue. Bleeding is often the first sign of malignancy and is rare with benign lesions.

Now that you know the ABCs of skin cancer, you can conduct self-exams on your skin at home. However, we highly recommend seeing a skincare professional to ensure you receive the most accurate evaluation possible.

If you live in the South Bay area, we encourage you to contact our practice by calling (310) 295-2287 or by filling out our online contact form today. With over three decades of experience in cosmetic skin care, Dr. J. Brian Boyd and his friendly staff look forward to seeing you soon!
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Girls Night Out is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. This charity event will raising money for our friends at the Special Olympics World Games. Tickets prices include beverages, hors d’oeuvres and an exclusive shopping experience. More than 30 looks will be featured on the runway this year! This is the perfect opportunity to kick off Mother’s Day weekend! RSVP today!
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How to Protect Your Skin at the Beach

With the summer season nearly here, the weather is gettingincreasingly warmer, and the beaches are becoming more crowded. As you anticipate the fun in the sun you’ll have in 2015, it’s important to also remember to protect your skin. We’ve provided a few tips to help keep your skin youthful and healthy while you enjoy the summer weather.
The most obvious way to stay protected against the sun’s harmful rays is to apply sunscreen every few hours. With the many types that exist these days, it can be confusing to know what is best for your skin. It is important to always use a lotion that blocks both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of at least 30.
Eating foods high in antioxidants helps protect your skin from damaging free radicals. Foods that contain high amounts of lycopene and beta-carotene have the highest number of antioxidants.
Some of the most common foods that contain these nutrients include:


Drink Plenty of Water
Think of the skin like a sponge, and too much sun absorption can make it appear dull and dry. While eight glasses of water a day is usually sufficient, aim to drink more if you plan on exercising on the beach. Aside from drinking water, eating foods high in water like cucumber, watermelon, and celery can help keep you hydrated as well.
Avoid Peak Hours
While it’s nearly impossible to completely avoid the sun during the summer, steering clear of it from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. will dramatically reduce the risk of getting sunburned and damaging your skin. Remember, prolonged lifetime sun exposure leads to skin cancer in one in four people.

If your skin has signs of sun damage, from wrinkles to dark spots and more, we encourage you to contact our Manhattan Beach practice by calling (310) 295-2287. You may also fill out our online contact form for more information. As a highly respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Boyd looks forward to seeing you soon and helping you achieve beautiful, healthy skin.

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March 20th marks the first of spring, and for us Californians that means beach season is almost upon us (did it ever really go away?). So while the rest of the U.S. is fighting the polar freeze, we are pulling out our shorts, dusting off our swimsuits, and hitting the gym in preparation for summer. If you feel like you might not be ready to strut your stuff just yet, don’t worry. These procedures will help you get your bikini body ready in just over a month.
Breast Augmentation
Small breasts may be keeping you from feeling confident in your bikini. Breast augmentation can give you larger, more shapely breasts that will leave you feeling attractive and sexy. Breast augmentation uses implants to increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts. Fat transfer can also be used to increase the breasts up to a cup size. Recovery time for breast augmentation is typically about six weeks. Before you know it, you’ll have a new bustline that will be the envy of everyone at the beach.
If you’re like many other people, your winter weight may still be hiding in your stomach and thighs. You’ve been working your butt off at the gym, but apparently your stomach refuses to go. Liposuction can remove stubborn fat deposits on the abdomen, hips, thighs, and back. It slims the body down and restores pleasing contours. Achieve abs that would make any bikini-clad Bond Girl jealous. In about three weeks you’ll be ready to have some fun in the sun.
If you’re looking for a rounder derrière to fill out your bikini bottom, then the Brazilian butt lift is right for you. This procedure actually provides two beneficial treatments in one; it harvests fat with liposuction and injects it to enhance your buttocks. This provides a totally natural increase in size and can eliminate fat from your abdomen, thighs, and hips. In just over a month, you’ll be ready to flaunt your stuff out on the sand.

Don’t let dissatisfaction with your body keep you from taking in the rays this summer. Now’s the time to get that body you’ve been desiring. Reclaim your body and enjoy it; you live in California after all!

Call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Boyd. He can craft your perfect bikini-ready body. Don’t wait; call our office at 310.295.2287 or fill out our online contact form here.
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How Implants Affect Exercise
When you put in the time, effort, and money to achieve your ideal body, you don’t want anything to get in the way. Many women fear that breast implants may impact their ability to exercise and inhibit them from maintaining their beautiful new physique. In addition to the health benefits of exercise, some women find joy and stress relief in running, weightlifting, and sports. Put your fears to rest because the implants that will help give you the new body you’ve been desiring won’t prevent you from doing the activities you love.
Wait for the All-Clear
Limiting strenuous physical activity during the first few weeks following your breast augmentation surgery is a vital part of the recovery process. Limiting your activities ensures you heal properly and reduces the chances of developing a complication. I shall tell you when you can slowly resume your regular workout routine.
Take Time to Adjust
It is normal that after getting breast implants you experience an adjustment period while working out. You have two massive objects on your chest that weren't there before! Breast implants can affect the lateral movement of the arm, such as when stretching the arm across the chest. The additional weight may also feel awkward to move around with at first. Neither of these should affect your long-term ability to exercise; it will simply take a little time to adjust to your implants' presence.
Expect to be Self-Conscious!
The most common complaint many women have about running with breast implants is how they change their style of running. For some women, they find that they run less aggressively or less freely after getting implants. It's not because the implants themselves prevent their ability to perform, but some patients feel self-conscious. Large breasts tend to bounce and move more while running, and some women say that this brings unwanted attention to their breasts.
Get the Proper Support
While you might not run or exercise just like you did with smaller breasts, you can become more comfortable with your new breasts. Researching and finding a supportive sports bra will do wonders in helping you keep the twins in control. The proper support bra will also help relieve the weight of your breasts during your workout.

If you are considering enhancing your beauty through breast augmentation surgery, schedule your consultation with Dr. Brian Boyd today. Dr. Boyd is a published author in the field of plastic surgery and is Chief of Plastic Surgery at Harbor-U.C.L.A. Medical Center. He specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and has been perfecting his skills over the past 25 years. To discuss how his latest techniques can benefit you, call 310.295.2287 or fill out our online contact form here.
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Ways to Keep Skin Looking Young and Healthy
Feeling confident about yourself is important, and one of the most important factors in an attractive appearance is youthful skin. Unfortunately, not everyone can put their best appearance forward as they get older due to things like sun exposure and the natural aging process. While cosmetic treatments are safe and perhaps the most effective solutions, there is a variety of daily habits that can help preserve great-looking skin at any age.
Avoid Bar Soap
Bars of soap are highly alkaline, and while they can leave you with a squeaky clean feeling, they dry your skin out. Body washes and shower gels are much better for skin in that they are less acidic and are specifically designed to keep moisture locked in the skin.
Protect Your Skin
Applying sunscreen in the morning and moisturizing cream at night can greatly help to preserve your skin. Try to use broad spectrum sunscreens and creams that contain retinoids, as these protect and revitalize skin the most.
Stress and sleep deprivation not only affect your mental state, but they take a toll on your skin as well. Getting at least seven hours of sleep every night will help you feel rejuvenated and keep your skin looking youthful for years to come.
Water helps keep your skin hydrated and supple, while coffee and alcohol should be avoided whenever possible, as these drinks can be extremely drying to your skin over the long haul.

If you live in the South Bay area, we encourage you to contact our practice by calling 310.295.2287 or by filling out our online contact form today. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Brian Boyd and his caring staff look forward to seeing you soon!
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