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I will be playing the solo challenges campaign 
You can find it here

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I am using this to slowly but surely get money for rpg supplies. if you are super poor and have some time on your hands, its real. just tedious. I setup an auto clicker and just type in the captcha when it asks.

Wizards, Sorcerers and Warlocks.
Each is the most known for it's type of magic. Wizards are known for their "science" look in learning certain spells. Sorcerers for learning by more of a feeling or more from an "arts" view point and force of will. The Warlock for being roughly the same as the sorcerer, but with fewer tricks but can outlast the arcane endurance. In Fate there is plenty of ways to perform magic in your world, depending how "crunchy" you want to be. For this specifically I will go with a stunt/extra based view.
First wizards. Out of the archetypes they are known to be the most potent and versatile, but with a severe lack of number of spells able to be cast with the time granted. Wizards and other "prepared" casters can have spells that have the extreme limits like "Once per..." or "Pay a Fate point..". Out of the ways you can give something a cost these types are the most limiting. Larry "the Evoker" could have a spell that says "Lighting Storm: Once session everyone in this zone, except you, takes a severe consequence showing electrocution." A severe consequence is a huge bit of damage, but 2 limits are placed on this. First being the obvious, he can only do this once per session, meaning he can only do once for each time the group has a game night. The second being it doesn't distinguish between friend or foe. If your party members are in the zone then they get fried too.

Sorcerers have a higher rate of use of magic. Most of their spells could us the "Invoke aspect to.... (this replaces the +2)." kind of extra. This limits them by how often they could perform the spell. They would have to power up by using Create an Advantage action to put invocations on their sorcerer related aspect, then cast. If Larry was a sorcerer then his lighting storm could be like "Invoke Badass Sorcerer to cause 2 shifts of electrical damage to target opponent, they may try to dodge using Athletics against opposition of Good. (this replaces the +2)."

Warlocks and other innate casters have a different style of powers. Usually it's a power that they could use in a unlimited fashion, or maybe tire them out if used at higher power levels. This can be done simply by just using the kind of stunts that add an ability to a skill. So let's make Larry a warlock. His power will read "Bolt Shot: Lightning comes shooting out of your hands to hit a target. You may use the skill Shoot to Attack and the attack is electrical."

Of course these are not the only ways to use magic. I will go over other ways in future posts.

My Journey to Fate (in a nutshell)

I have been playing table top RPGs for about 10 years and I have had my decent share of gaming hours. Like most of us I started with D&D 3.5 and my first game I was the GM. I can still remember the finishing blow to the dragon. My group was a creative bunch and we bent the rules a lot. I soon learned my love for world building, like whole cosmologies down to the merchants. What I had a problem with was the complex system I was using to attempt to create such. It took me forever to figure the nooks and crannies of what I was trying to do. Even if I was the PC it took me forever. Most of my friends would see a class then build from the class, I would think of a character concept then try to find the closest combo of stats to it, no matter what system I used. Whether world building or character building I thought the same way, concept first. Then I found FUDGE and I could build exactly what I wanted. Though the problem there wasn't exactly "out of the box" ready to play, there was definitely some assembly. After awhile longer I found FATE (2e or 1e) I was happy to have found a pre-built system using my new favorite mechanic, but was unimpressed by it then. A couple of years passed and life caught up to me and couldn't play anything. Finally getting back into RPGs I stumble upon Fate Core. I read through it and studied it, got into debates of a rule or two. Figured out the rules are slightly vague for a reason. Vague enough to be flexible, but stable enough to play as is. Now new to the online gaming community I am finally satisfied with a system. Now lets do some role playing!

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Looking for 3 players to test my Fate game. Time and Days of game is flexible for me.

Looking to start a group. Play medieval fantasy. Really want re-grease my GM wheels and better adjust for Fate style of running a game. I want to play either on Mondays or Wednesdays around the neighborhood of 23:00 UTC (That's 6pm for central U.S.). Would like to use Stunt based magic for spell casting.

Fate has many ways to get the same end result. I will use "powers" unspecified through this, but this isn't about just powers. Powers can mechanically manifest in a variety of ways in Fate. If powers are common place or just ok with the group the players can have power use via just aspects. You could have an aspect that says "I am faster than a bullet", and when speed comes into play you just do it. Some games the aspect for powers (besides it's normal invoking purpose) is the permission (yes i know this isn't the only type of "permission" in Fate) for Extras. Extras could show certain powers or be broader, depending on the game world and group. Our super speed power for example could be like:
Super Speed
Permission: An aspect about your super speed
Cost: 1 stunt slot or 1 refresh
When you Invoke your aspect about super speed you may move at that speed. (this replaces the +2).
You could limit it more by making it cost a Fate Point, instead of the invoke. There are various way to do something in Fate. Don't let anyone tell you something has to be a certain way. Some people may try to say "but the rules say if i have an aspect then i must have...", remember that it is true, but with that reasoning I wouldn't need to roll roll at all. How specific the mechanics are is dependent on that specific game's structure. Fate is narrative driven, but it isn't improve theater with no dice unless the group wants it to be. 

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Urban (Modern) Fantasy. Wide spread low powered Magic use. The Immortal (human with magic) Jack the Ripper has come back and creating havoc in Dallas, TX. The mundane police don't have a clue as to how to figure this case out. 
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