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"The Art of Night" by Mark Gee
"The Art of Night is a short film of highlights from my astrophotography journey. It contains imagery from when I first seriously started photographing the night sky until recently when I won the 2013 Astronomy Photographer of the Year."
"Images, time-lapse and video were shot over a period of three years around the Wellington region on the North Island of New Zealand. This region is blessed with relatively low light pollution and has some of the darkest skies in New Zealand once you head out to the remote areas of the Wairarapa."

"Special thanks must go to Carter Observatory, who have been a big supporter of my astrophotography, and a wealth of knowledge for my learning journey of the night sky":
"The time-lapses you see in this film are powered by the Syrp Genie":

"A big thanks also to the guys from PhotoPills who provided me with their app which helped me plan a lot of the shots that you see in this film":

This entire film was shot on Canon camera and lenses:

Video Credit & Copyright: Mark Gee
Mark's Website:
Music Credit: The Music - Dark Horizons by Richard Canavan was licensed for the film:

+Mark Gee 
+IDA - International Dark-Sky Association 
+Astronomers Without Borders 

#Space #Astronomy #Earth #MilkyWay #Stars #Magellanic #Clouds #Zodiacal #Light #NewZealand #Wellington #Wairarapa #Lighthouse #PacificOcean #Night #Sky #Astrophotography #TimeLapse #Art #Film

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What the... hahahahahaha

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Hahahaha... inspirational
The Funniest Source Code Comments You've Ever Seen
Caution: Do not drink or eat while reading! Danger of choking!

If you've ever seen/written a piece of code, just read the article.

If you have no idea what source code comments are, just a quick explanation: when a programmer writes a computer program he often leaves his comments inside the program code for the fellow programmers who will maintain the code later to understand what it does. Well, this is what the code comments are supposed to be there for. Now, you too can go read the article.

I laughed so hard I couldn't breath:

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