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What to do with a Sweet Potato? Make it Into a Potato Smiley
What do you need to do in making a potato smiley ? For sure it is a potato. On the other hand, potato has many ‘relatives’, including people’s favorite: a sweet potato. There are many variation in serving a sweet potato, but mostly it is steamed or fried. C...

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Cajun Spiced Potato Smiley: Meet the Eastern Combination
Potato smiley has been so popular, either it is baked or fried. Without adding to mush ingredients, you can serve it for friends or family. But, serve it with the regular recipe may be boring, that is why all you need to do is to try the new combination tha...

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Healthy Option for a Potato Smiley Recipe
There are many tempting food recipe over there, especially for the popular yet simple thing like potato smiley . However, by looking at the frozen pack sold in the market, you start to think about it over again. Especially when you want to make it for your ...

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Not Fried, But Baked Potato Smiley: Dare to Try?
Potato smiley has been a good yet simple dish to make. Most of the recipe make it to be fried, but not all of the people like to eat greasy food either it is for healthy reason of diet. Is there any other way to enjoy potato smiley ? Yes, sure! We can bake ...

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Potato Smiley Never Goes Wrong for Your Kid’s Snack
Your kid starts to be a picky eater? They barely touch the main dish and craving for more sweets and unhealthy snacks. There is this one dish that can help you, parents! This is Potato Smiley ! Made from potato which has enough carbohydrate, it can be paire...

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Simple Potato Smiley with Coriander Leaves Recipe
Potato smiley might be one of the most popular snack among snack-lovers. As it is known for its simple steps to make, this snack also has many variations in making it. You can either fry or bake it or you can be more creative in adding some specific ingredi...

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Crispy Potato Smiley Recipe
Do you have many leftover potatoes at home? It is time to get creative. As this recipe only takes 1 hour 15 minute at most, you can make it even in your busy day. Potato smiley is its name. It sounds fun? So, how do exactly you need to prepare to make this ...

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Healthy Baked Potato Smiley
You might hear potato smiley often as it is a popular fried snack which never goes wrong to be consumed at any times. Yet, have you ever tried a healthy version of this snack? Yes, healthy means it is not being fried, but it is being baked. Interesting, isn...

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Simple Cheesy Potato Smiley Recipe
Have a lot of stocks of potato but you have no idea to make use of it? Cheesy potato smiley snacks can be one of the best choice you can have. Easy, you don’t have to master a specific skill of cooking to make this recipe as it cannot be easier to make. Thi...

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Homemade Potato Smiley Recipe
Not feeling hungry but you just want to grab some snacks while watching movies? You’re not in the mood of going out to buy some foods either? Well, this is worth-a-try recipe that does not even take much of your time. It is very simple, very easy, and of co...
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