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Better than Before - a book recommendation
I am drawn to books on subjects that I know a little bit about
with the express purpose of comparing notes. I read Rob Bell's How
to be Here last year to test how
well I was doing at living in the present. I read Ron Lieber's The
Opposite of Spoiled to dete...

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Rejection #7
After waiting for two weeks and a day, I finally learned via the Women's National Book Association web site , that my essay did not win the contest. Congratulations to the winners! I look forward to reading their work. I am bummed that my bio is still lacki...

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Woman of the House - Vol. 6
One thing I have learned about myself is how easily overwhelmed I can get. As I observe this tendency, I have noted that it's usually mundane, everyday things that can set the overwhelm into motion. It's a stress response from way back that has become habit...

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The Cure
I spend so much of my time in daily commutes listening to
audiobooks that I miss whole swaths of new music, much to my
daughter's disdain. On one of the rare moments the radio was on, I heard a snippet of
Lady Gaga's new (it's new, right?) The Cure . It piq...

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Why I Did it
At three my mom could put my hair into a fist-sized bun. "You know, she has so much hair I really should charge you for an adult cut." This is what the hair stylist said to my mom when I got my hair cut. I was four. I have always had a ton of hair. And luck...

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To Kill a Mockingbird - Reflection
I have lost count how many times I have read or listened to To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It's more than a dozen times. The book was required reading my sophomore year of high school. Our student teacher, Miss Collard, taught the book. I only remembe...

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Why Fiction Matters
I finished my new favorite book The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale . I found it in a magazine months (or years) ago and added it to my book list. As usually happens, it was exactly the right book at the right time. The book is about a stay-at-home ...

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Girl Talk - School Dance Edition
The Fourth-Fifth Grade Dance is this Friday. Cadence is excited to go. It's got us talking, and me thinking. The conversation started with us both looking in the mirror. I was putting on make up. She was dawdling before brushing her teeth. "Mom, make your l...

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Found by Micha Boyett - A Book Report
When one of your favorite writers makes a book recommendation, it is best to take her up on it. This is one of the lessons I learned while reading Found - The Story of Questions, Grace & Everyday Prayer by Micha Boyett . Found is the story of a young woman'...

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This Is Where I Am Today
I listened to a recent Robcast podcast with the amazing Rob Bell, and he mentioned attending a yoga class where the teacher used the phrase, "This Is Where You Are Today." My body and soul gasped when I heard it because I knew how powerful it would be on th...
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