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Independent Geocaching, without the upsell

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And it looks like we are back online again!!!!

Thanks to caught@work for getting this fixed


We believe the DNS issues may have been resolved (resolved.....DNS...get it? No?...sheesh) .. It may take 3-4 hours before it all works again.. .please be patient!

For those trying to access the site who are a not afraid of things technical, add the following temporarily to your computers hosts file to get things to work:

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We seem to be having some DNS issues this mornng for some reason.

If you can't get to the site properly try http://

We'll keep you updated!

Some system maintenance is going on right now, main site may run a bit slow(er) for a little while why I dump the logs database. Should be back to it's usual self in a little bit. 

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Geocaching Australia was recently contacted by the Office of the Surveyor-General Environment and Planning Directorate of the ACT Government.
"Our Office believes the activities of geocachers searching for the cache are damaging the structure of the rock cairn, to a point where maintenance is now required. As a result, our Office has now removed the <caches name> cache."
That geocache was not a Geocaching Australia geocache and we passed the details on to the geocache owner at Groundspeak.
What was a little more interesting was the following as we exchanged information with them about TrigPoint listings at Geocaching Australia.
"I'm aware of the TrigPoint category. The trig photos that your members upload are a great resource to our Office, as they are used as a form of "crowd sourcing reconnaissance". At times, we have noticed from the photos that a trig needs maintenance, and have then arranged for a crew to perform the necessary work. Weetangera trig and Dowling trig, both in the ACT, are examples."
You can see from the timeline of images in the Geocaching Australia gallery that "crowd sourced" photographs show clearly that there had been work done at these two sites.
Weetangera Trig, Weetangera Hill, Latham ACT
Dowling Hill Trig
Thanks to everyone who is enjoying finding TrigPoints at Geocaching Australia and the unintended, but welcomed, secondary action of providing the maintainers of TrigPoints some very valuable reconnaissance on the standard of the TrigPoints around the country.

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As the sun dips below the horizon and other people's day is ending, yours is just about to get started.

Stay tuned.

(Image used is Public Domain)

Spring Cleaning time!

A handy thing to do before the summer caching season is to go check your GCA profile and settings and make sure all your contact details are correct.

Also, if you want (or no longer wish to) be notified of GCA caches of certain types, a quick trip to to update your alerts might be in order. If you don't want to be notified of locationless caches for example, simply uncheck the Locationless checkbox and hit save!

Another cool thing you can do is update your profile and let other cachers know a little bit about yourselves:


That thumping sound you hear is just one of your trusty developers smashing his head against his desk repeatedly. (CR)

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Day 1: Update firmware (from the slowest FTP server<clarkson>.....In the world</clarkson>)
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