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Anyone else have a problem with Touchless chat not being able to bypass the lock screen on a Samsung S5 Verizon stock running Android 5.0. It won't send my texts until I turn on the screen and swipe the lock screen away. Touchless chat has admin privileges. Other than that, the app is fantastic. It's nice to sit on my chair and have a text conversation without picking up the phone. It's almost like making a phone call. :-)

They only other thing is I have one phone number where it send my texts outside of the conversation. The incoming texts are of course listed under my daughter profile but my out going texts are listed separately with the area code, a plus sign and then the 7 digit phone number. Here is the only contact this happens to.

Any ideas?


When I try to add the stock messaging app on my galaxy S5 in touchless chat, it goes through the process of having be open the messaging app, start to send the message the touch the touchless chat box. It then says it can't find the send button and I need autoinput version 1.0.36 installed. I have the latest autoinput installed and it's 1.0.31. Am I missing something? I am assuming I need to do this because touchless chat is real flake in that it will occasionally work, sometimes do nothing, or other times just read the same reply over and over asking if I want to send it.


I just played with the latest release. Much better. I have a road trip coming up and am anxious to put it through its paces. Thanks for the improvements. It was very smooth and the click and gesture seemed to be spot on. Great 
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