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The Triumph of Science over science
February the 17 th , 2017 marks the 417 th anniversary of the death of Giordano Bruno. I know that many of my ardent readers are still trying to get
over that. Giordano Bruno's rather angelic looking Senior picture Aristotle taught that the Earth is the cen...

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The long, medium, and short of the cones
Color is three-dimensional. I've said that before. Almost four years ago, I blogged about how it is not possible to arrange all your crayons in a line . This led to a discussion about how you need three numbers to uniquely identify any color, because color ...

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Comparison of inexpensive digital microscopes, part 3
I promised that my review of inexpensive digital microscopes would be a trilogy, and by golly, that's what it's gonna be. In part 1, I looked at the Celestron USB microscope . In part 2, I had a quick peek at a lens that turns your smart phone into a micros...

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Comparison of inexpensive digital microscopes, part 2
In the previous blog post, I reviewed one popular USB microscope , an inexpensive one from Celestron, which can be had for about $40. Not a bad price, you say? Well, have I got a deal for you! How does $7.50 sound? Note the decimal point... Yes, I can get y...

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Comparison of inexpensive digital microscopes, part 1
I frequently find myself in need to a digital picture of something really tiny. Sometimes it's halftone printing dots or the pixels on a computer monitor. Sometimes, I just would like to have a closeup picture of an interesting specimen of hemiptera. After ...

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Unambiguous regions in color space for the basic chromatic colors
I am going to start this blog post with the punchline. The image below shows the range in color space of the eight basic chromatic colors. I assert that any color that is within a given set of limits will be unambiguously identified by the corresponding col...

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What's with the new version of the X-Rite eXact???
I got a question the other day from my good buddy Steve (not to be confused with my mediocre friend Steve, or my sworn enemy Steve).  Steve was asking about the kerfuffle surrounding a new version of the X-Rite eXact. Something or other to do with polarizat...

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Explanation of "Cool tricks with polarized light" video
I saw a cool YouTube video yesterday. Let me warn you, if you don't like being barefoot, then I suggest you invest in a pair of sock garters before you watch this next video, cuz without them, this video will knock your socks off. Wow. The guy in the video ...

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Statistical process control of color difference data, part 4
Warning: If you were considering whether to jump off the diving board into this blog post because this series is getting too deep mathematically, then I would suggest for you to get off at this stop and wait the next bus. On the other hand, if you were one ...
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