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The Bachelor Week 3: Backstreets Back (And I Die)
So we are into Week 3 of the Bachelor, and there are definitely 2
main story lines so far: The slutty girl from his past and the slutty
girl of his present. 1. Liz. Nick had a one night stand with her, and then she came on the show. And as with most one n...

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The Bachelor Week 1: A Shark. Who Thinks She's a Dolphin.
Well here it is- the moment Nick Viall has been waiting for his entire fame-seeking life- HE is THE center of media attention Bachelor! I joke, I joke. I actually am really excited for Nick to be the Bachelor. Any of my loyal readers will know that historic...

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The Bachelorette Week 7 & 8: Love = Get the Eff Out
Don't worry, loyal fans, after a week hiatus, I am back! Last week was Hometowns, and to be honest, there wasn't much to say. We did get to see a lot more about the Rodgers family drama, and it definitely seems like this Jordan v. Aaron stuff is real. But I...

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The Bachelorette Week 6: Awkward Dates on Awkward Dates
After a week hiatus, the Bachelorette is finally back! This week we are down to 6 guys, and JoJo will be narrowing it down to the top 4 for Hometowns!!! We get 3 one-on-one dates plus a group date this week, which sounds like plenty of time for some good ol...

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The Bachelorette Week 5: Gotta Get That Kiss
As you may remember (how could we forget?), the ultimate bad boy Chad is gone, but that doesn't mean the drama is gone! JoJo and her 8 guys are in Buenos Aires this week, and it is just the perfect place to fall in love. This week we will get a one-on-one, ...

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The Bachelorette Week 4: Done With the Chads
The Bachelorette is finally back! We have sadly been in a 2-week depression without JoJo and her suitors, and it is time to get back to the entertainment! In case anyone forgot, we left Chad being eliminated from a 2-on-1 date and the guys all celebrating, ...

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The Bachelorette Week 3: Less Hitler, More Mussolini
Well, well, well, it seems like the end is already near for Chad. It looks like the peak fighting is already about to blow up on week 3! As we start this episode, Chad continues to pound down some meat and protein, and the other guys all start to plan his d...

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The Bachelorette Week 2: The Douche of the Season
Tonight is only week 2, but we will apparently already get to see a lot of makeout sessions, and a LOT of douchey behavior. Let the games begin! Things get started right away with a group date with a bunch a lame guys, and Robby (one of my faves!). To start...

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The Bachelorette Week 1: Bring on the Men!
The Bachelorette is back! And this is, in my opinion, the BEST Bachelorette yet. (At least since Ali.) In case you've been living under a rock, this season's Bachelorette is JoJo, the amazing, beautiful, funny, smart, cool, fun-loving, awesome runner-up fro...

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Season Finale Recap: Ben Chooses His ONE True Love
Tonight is the night we have been waiting for!!! Finally!!! The crazy thing about this season is that I will actually be happy with either outcome, which is rare. Usually I hate one of the final two, but I actually love them both. Even though I think he wou...
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