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Loren M. Lang (penguin359)

On Linux, you can search for a string in a file as follows:

grep string file.txt

On PowerShell, this same search can be done simply with the following:

Select-String -Pattern string -Path .\file.txt -CaseSensitive | Select-Object -ExpandProperty line

And that's just a tiny sample of what you can do with PowerShell!

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Drink more coffee!

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Hmm, it seems it might be quite therapeutic.

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So, who's with me to stop Dr. Gauss?

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Hmm, maybe we should look at Cloud Foundry +Ronald Bynoe 

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It's now crunch time. Good luck to everyone!

Here's a very important lesson I just re-learned today. When code is passing tests, commit it, git add it, or somehow snapshot it. Don't think you can just add a couple more lines of code that are untested and expect you will remember what you were doing three days later.  It was only two extra lines I added, but it included a classic copy-and-paste error that broke my original tested code and it took way too long for me to track it down and fix it.  Not my best day.

"I swear, this code was working perfectly when I wrote it last week!"  -- Me

That's weird, who wrote that piece of code? (git blame) Oh, me, 9 months ago.

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We are currently using gitolite 3 at work, but thinking maybe we need to up it to something like GitLab. What'd ya think?
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