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Chel at Sweetbriar Dreams
A proud Londoner living in Lincolnshire, blogging about the everyday.
A proud Londoner living in Lincolnshire, blogging about the everyday.


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Time to Say Goodbye
Five years ago, I ventured into the Blogosphere, tentative steps at first and then gaining confidence along with changing directions as I went, from crafts, day to day life, recipes etc.  Then as my photography gathered pace and trips to various places were...

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Call the Midwife
NO, I haven't got some special news but I bet the title got your attention!  No, this post is a continuation from my latest visit to Kent and a wonderful place to see indeed... Chatham Dockyard .  This informative and huge site has been used for many TV ser...

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The Gardens of Hever Castle - Part 2
And now are you ready for part 2 of my posts on Hever Castle in Kent?  A grey day to begin with, but the sun was kind to us by the end giving us a chance to see Hever Castle with blue sky behind it and warm sunshine on our faces.  Once again, a cup of Engli...

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The Exquisite Hever Castle, Kent - Part 1
The trouble with having a blog break is the problem of how to start writing again.  I can't believe it's been nearly a month since my last post and yes, I relaxed and enjoyed a very impatiently awaited trip to Kent again.  With my camera card full to brimmi...

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People say to me you need to R E L A X , it's an easy word to say isn't it?  Everything will be fine, just relax.  For me to do this I need TIME , a luxury that I just don't have, but when I become snappy, over tired and feel as though my knuckles are dragg...

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Spring in a Bottle
Looking across the Fen in the morning, it is evident that spring has sprung.  The Rape Seed fields swaying their pungent perfume to fill my nostrils and the inevitable hearty sneeze to expel the heady pollen.  Today, I kept away from those fields and took a...

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My London Pride
Due to the terrible events that unfolded on Wednesday at Westminster, I wasn't going to post this week.  Too upset and angry that my home town had become vulnerable in a brief moment, a mindless act of violence taking the lives of innocent people, and a dev...

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A Chocolate Box Assortment
As someone who gave up chocolate for my New Year's Resolution, a trip to Cadbury World in Bournville, Birmingham, was not one of my best ideas!  However, off we went and I discovered an alternative chocolate box assortment.  So, dear Readers, grab yourself ...

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Tales of Kent (Part 4 St Margaret's Bay)
It was the 1 March, and the first day of Spring.  Steely grey skies above us, the wind forcing the tide high onto the shore with the salty water  resting on our faces as the waves crashed nearby. St Margaret's Bay in Kent faces France in the distance but to...

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Tales of Kent (Part 3 - Dover Castle)
There are some places that I visit where I wonder why on earth I have never been before.   Dover Castle is one of them.  If you are ever in Kent you MUST visit this place but make sure you have a whole day spare to go around at your leisure, take advantage ...
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