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jenna mccarthy
Funny, foul-mouthed, almost-famous.
Funny, foul-mouthed, almost-famous.

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I was totally going to be all strategic about G+ but since that's not really my thing I'm doing it my typical way, which is basically having virtual first-date sex with everyone I see here that looks vaguely familiar. (Is that bad?)

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LOVE this!
I'm really pleased to be part of The Huffington Post's new Parents Channel, which is launching today. My first piece ponders why parenting has become such a competitive sport, and really, who ends up the winner anyway?

My kids are playing a game where they are "lardo" and "dogface." Lardo: "I can lose a few pounds but you'll always be a dog." Nice.

Four words that don't look like foreplay but actually are (*when spoken by the guy*): Let's eat out tonight.

Seriously, now what?

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