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Sign up to #Sketchfab to show off your #3d #Photogrammetry models easily and beautifully!

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Hi #Dell, do you have any idea how terrible your sales process/team is? I've been trying to order a laptop for the last 15 days, three times I've handed over card details to various people and still not sure if it's ordered. Multiple phone calls, in fighting in your sales team probably due to the sales staff commision they get or something.

One sales guy told me to tell another sales guy to never contact me again...! Then that sales guy was reprimanded (apparently) and I'm back with the guy who wasn't supposed to contact me.. Promised expediting then told it's not possible. Told all sorts of things I've lost what's been said, blamed for the order not being completed due to my address even after they messed up twice. Promises of discounts that then weren't applied, it's like a really bad TV drama and it's getting to the point that I'm half intrigued what's going to happen next.

I needed the machine two weeks ago for work, apparently now the third attempt to order hasn't gone through your system and I should try for the fourth time and cross my fingers. IF that does go through (and I've spent so many hours on this now) it's then not turning up until the 01/09 at the earliest, that's a month from when I first ordered!

Class act #Dell! It's been like some shady back street market deal, I'm half expecting a brick instead of a laptop to turn up in the box, if it ever arrives. I haven't checked my bank account yet but I'm half expecting to see the money being taken out 3 times... I dread.

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I've been making an app for coffee recipes. It currently includes #aeropress #v60 #chemex #moka #frenchpress brew methods with various recipes for each; including some championship winning methods of brewing to follow along to.

Hope you guys like it!

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Chillin with da boy

#cat #havingamoment #bengal #cute

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Some photos I took today while brewing with the #misterbarista app and an #aeropress and #v60 02.
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A recent wedding at Weybridge Registry Office in Weybridge, Surrey.

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In my app I'm trying to figure out the best design to store my JSON and have my app use that data.

A brief overview: It's a coffee brewing app and each coffee has a bunch of steps as well as things like temperatures etc that are populated in a timed list. These 'recipes' are all in JSON which I then go through and create Coffee objects.

Once my code for creating the many Coffee objects is complete, I currently store them all in an array.

My app shows a few lists, the first list shows the coffee type, the second list shows the various recipes for that coffee and the last is the steps themselves.

As the user clicks through each list I store the value of the list Item in the Coffee Class (e.g. chosenCoffeeID) and then when the second list is tapped it's again stored as (chosenRecipeID). This then allows me to grab the correct object from the array when it comes to populating the data from it. i.e. if chosenCoffeeID = 2 and chosenRecipeID = 5 then I use it like: coffeeObject[2][5].getRecipeTitle(); etc etc.

I'm not sure this is the best way. I keep coming up with other solutions that might work better. Using sharedPreferences for example to store both the values which allow me to get the correct coffeeObject out of the array. 

Another option is to have a singleton and maybe have static final for the chosen coffee and recipe and then get this instead?

I'm confused on how I should be approaching this, currently my app crashes when it's been in background for a while. A null pointer error on an array, probably from something being garbage collected.

sorry for the long post, my head is a bit jumbled and it's difficult for me to explain when i'm a bit out of my own depth. :) 
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