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Editor of Low Tech Combat. I believe self defence should begin by learning about real violent crime so we can recognise it and avoid it.
Founder and editor of Low Tech Combat. The Self Defence site for Smart People.
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DVICE: 11 weird things we learned from global crime stats

As it turns out, crime does pay — with lots and lots of stats! Civilization has a vested interest in keeping tabs on uncivilized activity. C

Modern Urban Combat Tactics M.U.C.T: Fighting From the Flinch...

That's right you read correctly flinch not clinch. Reality based martial arts needs to be just that reality based (no brainer right). No

Chiron: Intensity

Humans mistake intensity for truth. Fast, hard and sweaty automatically feels more real than slow and safe. It's for damn good reasons,

Functional Edge System: What a Scene Jesse Lawn's Close Quarter ...

Scenario Training is to Reality Based and Behavioral Self Protection what Sparring is to Combat Sports and Mixed Martial Arts. For both camp

The Warrior is Dead, Long Live the Warrior

When you type in the query “What is a Warrior” to Google, you get over 25000000 results. Yes, that's twenty-five million. And yet it is

Cook Ding's Kitchen: The 2012 Lenten Challenge

Every year, I throw out the Lenten Challenge to my martial arts buddies. It has nothing to do with Christianity or religion. We are simply u

Why You Need to Add Vehicles to Your Training

This is a guest post by Nick at Indestructable Training. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Low Tech Combat. How m

Urban Combatives

Improvised weapons: (Pen). Access and deployment from a confined/seated position: Here you are employing your access and attack, from a seat

Self-Defense Tip: Inoculate Yourself to Physical Stress | The Truth Abou...

Several weeks ago my younger brother was a victim of a strong-arm robbery. Two assailants attacked him from behind, immobilized him, ransack

The Manifesto will be Released this Weekend :D

It will be available at some stage over this weekend. Not sure of the exact time as yet. Depends on the technical set up. I am very proud to

The Full Spectrum

The Full Spectrum. Im going to examine what the full spectrum of low tech combat is in today's world. This is as much for my own benefit