I'm looking forward to hearing more from the new Research at Google G+ page.
Welcome to Research at Google!

These are heady times for computer science research. There's a lot of groundbreaking work being done inside of Google and we’re excited to share it with you.

On this page we’ll be highlighting research developments and innovation across a range of disciplines: machine learning, natural language processing, machine vision and hearing, speech recognition, data visualization, systems research, machine translation, optimization, human-computer interaction, and more. Often, it will be our work. Sometimes, work by others that we find captivating.

Soon, we’ll discuss advancements in automatic handwriting recognition, show how technology can help you carry on a conversation in a language you don’t understand, and demonstrate a technique for eliminating jostles from video.

Coming up tomorrow: The Interplanetary Internet, by Vint Cerf.

Add us to your circles to stay current on what we find interesting. You can learn more about Research at Google on our website (research.google.com) and from our publications (research.google.com/publications).
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