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Alaska is just this little island a little south of Texas...
Alaska is just this little island a little south of Texas...

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Look, it's G+, and my name is in the URL, instead of that stupid UID link.  Hrm....

Hoo-boy!  G+ is still being used?!

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So, recently I got sick and tired of doing things the hard way.

What things?  Plotting ARIN's IPv4 run-rate, to see when we could expect the last of the IPv4 addresses to finally be distributed out.

The 'old and busted' way was to download the dataset from ARIN, edit the file to remove the non-ipv4 non-allocation/assignment stuff, import it into Excel, sort it by date, add the current available pool to the bottom (as a manual process from scraping yet another ARIN page) and build a formula to "work backwards" from the previous allocs,  then add some additional dates at the bottom to extend things into the future, then build a graph based on this data, and then add a trendline.


So I started by writing a bash script to do all the downloads and all the maths, and that was good.

But why couldn't I get something to plot the data?

I had gnuplot, and that was easy...    but gnuplot doesn't do future trendlines.  Ugh.

That meant statistical analysis, which of course meant 'R', which I've never used.

Two days later, with a bit of Internet sleuthing, I had something that "worked"

So, if you're interested, here's the github link:

It's ugly, and it's not guaranteed to plot useful graphs every time, but it's there.

yay, open source!

#ipv4 #ipv6 #ARIN  

so, twrp was causing my Nexus7 (2012 wifi)  to fail during the upgrade from JWR66V to JWR66Y ...  which meant that I wouldn't get the OTA for KitKat...

It took a little bit of searching to find the nakasi-jwr66v tarball so I could extract the recovery image (google only keeps the latest version on its page) which I was able to flash using fastboot...

Except that I got the dreaded  RED TRIANGLE OF DOOOOM  on reboot.

So, force-reboot.... and I'm back in the OS.  That's good! 

So, applied the 4.3 update, and it rebooted and applied just like it should,  with stock, and not the twrp recovery mode.  It only looked like it didn't take!

So, a reboot later and I'm on JWR66Y.   15 minutes later, the KitKat OTA had downloaded, and now I'm looking at a freshly upgraded  N7 running KRT16S, or KitKat 4.4!


...only now I need to re-root the system so I can get some of my high-tech tools to work properly.  But that shouldn't be so hard, right?

So, ARIN 32 happened...

I mean NANOG59 happened too, and a DNS-OARC meeting before that, all of which I attended...

But, really, it's all about the ARIN conference...

And I think I've got an ARIN-on-the-road in the works for next May, here in lovely Anchorage...

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The REAL Kevin Mitnick (not linked because Google suspended HIS account, and not any of the other fraudulent accounts bearing his name) tweeted about the lack of verifiability for website accounts.

And then I realized that we already have a method of providing that verification and validation:  PGP, and its web-of-trust.

So, I set up a quick web-page on my home server that lists URL's for my accounts that I want to be able to validate that it is me.

it's here:

The next step is putting the PGP code onto each individual site, or at least a link back to this page, so that my identity can be validated.

From a privacy perspective, yes, I've just tied all of these accounts together officially.  But is that a bad thing?

I guess i'm back from Boston. 

Spent a great week with mom & pops, Sis+fam, and Nana and Gramps.  age range was from 1y - 91y, with 4 generations under the roof.

Sadly, that's not likely to happen again because of deteriorating health and such, so although it's bittersweet, we got to share some good memories and take handfuls of pictures for the future.

Sadly, today means back-to-work, even though jet-lag is still right there.  Sometimes you gotta say "fuck you, jetlag"  though...

It's national coming out day?

Fine.  I've been meaning to tell the world:  I'm an actor.

There, I said it!

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October 5, 2012
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Last night I had a most delicious Scotch for my after-dinner tipple.

Ardbeg is the distillery and it's playful, smoky, peaty, and delicious.  I actually don't remember if I had the '10' (I think so)  or a different blend, so I'll have to go back to Sullivan's Steakhouse again and drink some more of it as a refresher.

+Scott Griffith are you man enough to take on this challenge?

I think i'll call it the +Wil Wheaton Whisky challenge.  And the goal is to try all the scotches possible.

Let the WWW challenge begin!

( )
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