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John Del Signore
Works at Private Consultancy
Attended Western CT State University
Lives in Bend, OR


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Life Skills Coach, Organization Development Consultant, Environmentalist, Nature Photographer

Life Skills Coaching

Life Skills Coaching is my passion. Assisting individuals and organizations achieve their visions and initiatives are what drive my coaching and consultation practice.

I believe that many people have an inherent desire to engage in meaningful work that produces a viable service or product that ultimately serves society in a positive manner. The process of promoting such an endeavor is often complex, multi-faceted and requires a great deal of commitment, passion knowledge and skill.

The coaching model has proven itself as a highly effective and powerful means of providing a framework of guidance, encouragement and collaboration from which personal dreams and undertakings can be realized. The benefits of coaching are extensive and include features such as: clarification of vision, mission and goals; assessment of needed resources, constructive feedback, reflective listening, pointing out strengths and obstacles, providing skills enhancement, empowerment and consultation on technical and aesthetic matters as desired.

I have extensive training in psychology, personal growth, organization development, management coaching and teambuilding. I hold a masters degree in psychology, have studied contextual psychology with Robert Shaw, M.D. and Judith Shaw Ph.D. (The Center For Contextual Study) and contextual management with Bruce Hodes, M.A. (The Contextual Management Institute).

Please allow me to collaborate with you in order to bring your desired outcomes to fruition. You may contact me at 541-292-8700 or e-mail me at for a free initial meeting so we can discuss your coaching objectives.

Coaching Services Offered

Interpersonal Skills Acquisition


Relationship Process for Couples

Changing Behavior and Stuck Patterns



Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution

Creating Change

Coping with Emotions and Upsets

Learn how to manage and reduce your anger, depression, anxiety and other undesired attitudes and feelings.

Trauma Resolution

Addressing, reducing and/or eliminating trauma derived from accidents, natural disasters and physical, emotional or sexual abuse using a safe and brief method that foregoes uncomfortable long-term exposure and re-traumatizing effects.

Organization Development Coaching

Vision and Mission Development

Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

Project Empowerment

Leadership Skills

Management Coaching


Improving Staff Effectiveness

Resolving Staff Behavior Problems

I am also very receptive to exploring other coaching initiatives with you that are not specifically mentioned in this brochure.

Organization Development Consultation

John Del Signore is an experienced organization development consultant and program facilitator. He consults with non-profit organizations, educational institutions and private corporations. His specific areas of focus include: helping businesses create and empower their vision; coaching managers in leadership skills; promoting and nurturing teamwork; teaching problem solving and conflict resolution skills and helping organizations cope with the challenges of constant change.

John holds a masters degree in counseling psychology, has studied contextual psychology with Robert Shaw, M.D. and Judith Shaw Ph.D. (The Center For Contextual Study) and contextual management with Bruce Hodes, M.A. (The Contextual Management Institute).

John employs the modern concepts of self-organization and systems dynamics in his consulting work in which identified issues are treated in the context of the whole organization and not as an isolated event or problem. Specific interventions are employed, based on the aspects of self-organization, non-linearity, far-from-equilibrium conditions, attractors, systems boundaries and unpredictability to produce change that is substantial and enduring.

Organizational goals and individual career fulfillment can be realized simultaneously in a work environment that is both savvy in its practices and humanistic in its philosophy. When staff members have a strong sense of meaning and purpose in their careers and personal lives, they function more effectively and ethically and contribute a positive consciousness to the business climate.

The primary goal of the consulting process is to maximize both economic and personal viability in organizations and help them lead the way to a more sustainable humanistic global economics. This disposition helps foster cooperation and collaboration so that all businesses can achieve success and profitability.

Consulting Services Offered

Organization Development

* Assessment of Organizational Functioning
* Visioning, Mission Development and Goal Setting

Leadership and Management

* Leadership Style, Methods and Skills Development
* Management Coaching
* Consultation to Management

Staff Development

* Staff Training and Team Building
* Recognizing and Addressing Behavior Problems
* Coping with Resistance to Change

Phone: (541) 292-8700


John is also involved in environmental activism and has written an Eco-psychology book titled the Passionate Earth. The Passionate Earth portrays the evolutionary history of our universe and the relationship the human species has maintained with the natural world. It begins with the great transition from hunter-gatherer to agricultural living and follows societal development up to our present disposition of disconnection, discord, exploitation and the possibility of our extinction in the near future. 

Presented in detail is an interdisciplinary understanding of the events and changes that have shaped our relationship with the natural world and how they have led to our present ecological crisis. In the second part of the manuscript, he discusses the urgent issue of living in a sustainable fashion and how we can accomplish this goal in order to create a state of harmony and connectedness with the biosphere. A new book on bio-regionalism has recently been completed and a documentary on the content and context of the two books is in the planning stages as well.

I am currently seeking help with all facets of this project called the Passionate Earth. I would like to assemble a team of interested individuals to help raise consciousness regarding the urgency of the environmental crisis and to create interventions that will foster sustainable living practices. Please contact me at 541-292-8700 or by E-mail:, to become involved or to find out more detailed information about the entire project.

Environmental, Landscape and Nature Photography

John Del Signore is a professional nature and landscape photographer. John's carefully composed images are a personal expression of his deep relationship with the environment. In each composition, he attempts to convey this personal connection so the viewer may also have a significant and moving experience. John's intention is that his photographs will be a source of inspiration and appreciation of our natural world and that this in turn will foster stewardship for all living things.

Photography is available in digital format. Images can be used for a wide variety of educational, documentary and viewing purposes from professional to home settings. Interested parties may call me to arrange a time to meet to discuss personal interests and desires. I am amenable for on-location work and special projects.



John's favorite activities include hiking, mountaineering, nature and landscape photography, camping, canoeing, skiing, woodworking, writing, composing instrumental music, singing, woodworking, loudspeaker design and construction and playing acoustic, classical guitar and electric bass.

  • Western CT State University
    Psychology/Sociology, 1971 - 1975
  • Adams State College
    Counseling Psychology, 1976 - 1977
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February 8
Life Skills Coach, Organization Development Consultant, Nature/Landscape Photographer, Environmental Issues Writer
Consulting, Coaching, Teaching, Problem Solving, Creativity
  • Private Consultancy
    Org. Dev Consultant, 1988 - present
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Bend, OR
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