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Looking for advice/help with Credit Card Machines. We have been with Costco/Elavon forever and now with the EMV cards we need to purchase a new machine. Have been looking at Square. Any pros or cons on these companies??? any help would be appreciated.
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Thanks everyone, since square fees are cheaper with AE, we take a lot of this, we are giving this a go. Love the fact we can turn the tip adder on and off as we do private dinner parties and this is very nice feature. Costco fee is nice, but with all of the rewards card the fees can go up to as high at 3.35%.
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Spring has Sprung at Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy fresh cut flowers in your room!
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Thanks to the B&B Team, we are now looking at adding wall mounted HV/AC units. I am looking for advice on best units, where to purchase, are you happy with them etc. any info would be appreciated.
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BECAUSE of our brick (but having wood walls inside the outer perimeter) we ran condenser lines in walls and closets from top to bottom. In fact, I made a PLAN prior to making a sales offer. (No point in buying something where the utilities won't work.) Eventually, we put two heat pump air handlers in the attic (one is over my head as I write this, up in the attic gable) and the other is in an eave, behind my clothes). First floor has one guest room but, because of the brick, and the funnel effect (heat rises to the areas with a/c), we use just one window unit in that one guest room and do not a/c the parlor, DR or kitchen. Halls get little  conditioning except upstairs front (large foyers/stairs).  My banquet room is separately metered and has it owns heat pump with indoor unit in the crawl space under the floor--it was built new in 2004-5).

I was thinking you might be able to do the runs somewhere INSIDE where it could be easier to hide them. I'm going to go look at your website and see what I can see.

I'l private message you if I have thoughts. There is always some way to work it out--but I have magic powers patching walls and DO NOT have any wallpaper in my inn. Standard condenser lines can run in walls but heat/a-c ducts have to have some room in the attic or be small/high velocity ones in the walls. Not everyone is as fearless as we are in opening a wall or building a plenum to hide the pipes/ducts.

My thinking is that in order to "save" and keep an old house in the 21st Century it must "live" like the 21st Century or we are sunk.

NOTE TO MIKE VENTURINI (since you don't publish an email address):
If you haven't put rooms in the attic "everywhere" (I can see one under eaves but your site does not tell me what floor the rooms are on)..... IF you have unfinished attic space (and you do have attic over all parts of your inn that I can see in the 1 or 2 photos you post of the exterior)..... THEN you have a chance for a system, even a conventional one. . AND, you appear to have a raised foundation so you might have a basement where the first floor could be handled.

You have virtually no "long view" photos on your site (inside or out) so I can't tell IF there might be closets above each other to facilitate a condensate and refrigerant run top to bottom but there might be something somewhere (OR a sacrificial corner).  This is where someone used to doing construction and reconstruction on old houses is needed. HVAC guys DO NOT know anything!!!!!!!!

On the wood portion of the house  an enclosed plenum on the outside to hide the pipes will improve the aesthetics. Your brick front has many "ins and outs" so a discrete plenum in a corner of that facade "might" work. (Think brick-look facade on it, painted to match the walls exactly or metal to look like an over-sized gutter..... nobody calls gutters ugly--they ae necessary!)
Lastly, I'd build a brick screen wall or wood paneled formal fence around the condenser units and paint to match the house. This assume the larger units. OR line the small ones up and plant a hedge in front--not too close.
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Hey everyone, Looking for some help/advice for our Montana Bed and Breakfast Conference the end of this month. With all the talk about the new EMV or Chip credit cards I am looking for a reliable speaker on this topic. I am shocked at what I am hearing that the credit card companies either don't know what is going on with it or say there is no new terminal for the "Lodging" industry. I know Square is on the cutting edge of it all, but does anybody have more recommendations? 
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Yes, contact Amy Hager at We just had our association conference last week and one of our industry partners who is a credit card company do a 30 minute presentation about the new readers. Wasn't a sales pitch at all....just information on new machines, PCI compliance, and costs. Talked a little about mobile phone pay apps too....very interesting. You will need to have a new machine, and yes, it goes into effect October 2015. Square won't have new readers available until April according to their website. If a credit card company says they don't know about reg changes, you should consider changing companies.
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I am curious how many still have an 800#. Is it worth keeping? 
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The only reason we've kept ours is that people have it and use it - mostly guests who haven't been here in a while. But not many and it's a small expense so I'd rather not lose a sale because someone is too old to look us up on line and realize we no longer have the toll-free number. 

As for tours we give them ALL the time when we have a room available and, we've found, it absolutely brings people back for paid reservations. Maybe that's because we're not the Ritz and we're not the Hilton and we're not even Motel 6. Our friendly tours show why we're better than any of those companies. Heck, I might even give them one of our award-winning cookies. 

You can bet they'll show those pictures they take to their friends, too!
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The sun came out for a small garden wedding. Congrats to Heather and Mark!
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Brave to have a garden wedding in Montana in April.  So glad it worked out for all of you.
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Just wondering if anybody has info about a credit card company named Trans Merit? Any thought pro or con?
Thanks for the input
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Wow! What a great rate for your wonderful place.
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