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Blender - anyone got any good kid-friendly material?

I heard a few people talking about it at the conference in the context of 3D printing...

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Kid President - A Pep Talk for the World via @soulpancake#TuesdayTip #GlobalGoals #onebigcooltable

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See first graders react to Share to Classroom. What a fast and easy way to open any web page on every student screen at the same time!
For details, see

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Share something you've made that others can use in their Classrooms!

I created this to help my Y6 students visualise 1-bit graphics.

To edit: File > Make a copy

What can YOU share?

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"Let me Google that for you!"

What have you learnt at Tekhin today? What do YOU know that your colleagues don't? 

Help them grow by setting up a space and/or time to share ideas and knowledge.

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Learn JavaScript in a visual coding environment

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Make stuff with code, embed it anywhere!
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