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Author of exciting fiction with a Christian edge
Author of exciting fiction with a Christian edge


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Check out my latest booktrailer, which is for Book 2 of my Wind Drifter Series. Ice Wind, will be available Spring 2015. Book 1, Fire Wind, will be available in about a month. Any who would like to read this series for free for the purpose of honest reviews posted to social media and just leave me a comment saying so or contact me directly through my email guysactionwords (at) gmail (dot) com . Thanks and I hope you enjoy the video!

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My latest novel, Fire Wind - Book #1 of The Wind Drifter Series, will be released toward the end of January 2015. It is written, but it still needs to go through the editing process. Anyone interested in receiving an early copy for review purposes don't hesitate to contact me by my email address and I will send an ebook copy along to you for free in exchange for honest reviews posted online.
More about The Wind Drifter series,
This series for me is sort of the culmination of my career as an author. As a boy I started out reading westerns and now I've finally written one. It was a lot of fun and I thank God for the experience. My intentions with this series remain the same in that I wish to honor God, provide exciting adventure, and loving but clean romances to the reading public and fans of my work to enjoy. I've written fantasy and action adventure, dabbled with science fiction and almost everything that I've written can be classified as Christian Speculative Fiction, but this is a new genre for me and an exciting one. I hope you all enjoy my Western Sci/fy series, as much as I enjoy writing it.
Guy Stanton III

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The Kingdom is my first standalone book. For me the book has been a journey through emotion and spiritual maturity. I write all my books with a Christian mindset, but The Kingdom by far is my most literal Christian message to date in that I have sought to parallel the Biblical accounts of the Old Testament prophets and those of the New Testament, especially the book of Revelations over into a complex End Time fictitious setting that plays out on the world of Ayenathurim. I hope my book is enjoyed for what it is, which is my best attempt in helping to spread the message of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.

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Author of exciting fiction with a Christian edge.
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