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Anyone else know of something similar... Thinking about storing js/css in persistant storage on the client. Ideas welcome
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Is this intended to store data or JavaScript code? Is it using cookies, or is there some new browser feature for data storage? Seems like browsers are already very good at caching script files (IE 6 set the standard high by not ever updating some files), but I can see benefits of storing some personal data in the browser.
So I'm exploring the idea of reducing the is requests to one by gening a manifest of the cached libs and returning a file with all changed code... or 403 not modified once... this could possibly reduce browser requests to one rather then ten etc thus allowing for more data loading. Also looking at delayed image loading plus cdn
Sounds like a good idea. I use to work harder to optimize by keeping my code simpler, but now it seems like programming time is more valuable than the slight performance benefits, unless you are working with scarce resources (sometimes you just can't beat assembly code ;). Have you looked at mod_pagespeed? It is an Apache Module that optimizes code; maybe it would achieve some of your goals for you.
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