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The Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

Bilal Thiab ... 76 Days
Thaer Halahleh ... 76 Days
Hassan Safadi ... 70 Days
Omar Abu Shallal ... 68 Days
Mohammedd Al-Taj ... 60 Days
Mahmoud Sarsak ... 54 Days
Faris Al-Natur ... 47 Days
Ja'far Ezz Al-Din ... 53 Days
Abdallah Al-Barghouthi 32 Days
more than 2000 Prisoner .... 27 Days


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+Rick Santorum said today that pre-natal screening leads to more abortions, and implied it's part of an anti-Biblical health care agenda from President +Barack Obama.

This made me mad enough to write up and publish the very personal account of how my wife would have lost our otherwise healthy daughter halfway through her pregnancy, if it weren't for pre-natal screening.

Eliminating pre-natal screening, and other maternal health care that Santorum opposes (i.e. medicines and procedures that can be used for abortion, but can be used for other things too) would set health care for mothers and babies back 50-100 years.

Please re-share if you find Santorum's position as odious as I do!

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MA'AN Development Center presents a new video on Palestinian herders. Palestinian herders and Bedouin in the Jordan Valley face innumerable difficulties trying to lead their life. They face violence from settlers and soldiers, in addition they face constant restrictions on their life. These restrictions are intended to entice the Palestinians of the Jordan Valley to leave "voluntarily" so Israel can claim absolute control over the territory. Despite all these problems and restrictions, the Palestinians in the Jordan Valley remain on their land.

Herding Communities in the Jordan Valley

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All of this, and yet people are still thinking that arming the opposition in Syria is a good idea. (it isn't.)

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Amazing. Just Amazing.

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So would intervention be political or humanitarian? Probably a bit of both. Either way it is a bad idea
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