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Always glad to hear a strong worded...words directly from a dev/cool group/(insert entity that garners a solid following) about the current situation. If I had known that they looked for serious people trying their products, I would have been more vocal about my inquiries. Hmmm
Devices not receiving Lollipop:

Supported devices (KitKat):

AOSPA Legacy Future:


At AOSPA-legacy headquarters lately we've focused to provide the best paranoid experience to a huge variety of non-nexus.
To improve our public impression we've created, finally, a G+ page to keep you guys posted without reading all the community posts.
This page/profile will keep you posted with the latest build changelog and some important announcements.

Please, add this page to your circles and raise the voice through all the grid!

#StayParanoid   #LegacyRocks  

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Actually excited to be (hopefully) seeing this live (as live as you can get with EDM) next weekend.

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Damn good article.

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I usually lecture my girlfriend for having this many windows up. But there's so many shirts I want.

Every fucking shirt.

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By golly almost back online
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