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Hey all!

If you haven't read it yet, I came out as trans a few months ago: (If you have: identical post, new domain).

This is just a reminder that because GMail is terrible at not outing people as transgender, and the weird ties between GMail and Google+, I'm not going to be using this account anymore.

I'll be using the one over at, from now on.

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You should go read this!

Also, a reminder that I'm going to stop using this account after a while, so you should go follow my new account, +Marie Markwell. :)
Interview on Model View Culture

Earlier this week, Model View Culture published an article where they interview me about my work on +Gittip (, community management, open company principles, and what Gittip has done right and wrong so far.

_The other side of an open company is around transparency. [...]

We are starting to reign in the transparency aspect a bit. The approach we started with could very accurately be described as “radical transparency,” and in my experience a thing that can be described as radical has a very high likelihood of being either intentionally or unintentionally exclusive._

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Hey, so, you should go read this, if you haven't already:

I'm probably going to link to it a few more times over the next week or so.

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tl;dr: Hi. I'm transgender. Please refer to me as Marie and with the pronouns she/her/herself, going forward. Also, go add +Marie Markwell. (That'd be my new account.)

So, since it's already publicly available on the Internet (see: and my Twitter bio), I'll just dump this here: I am transgender.

Depending on when we last talked, you'll either know me as Nick or Nik, and likely refer to me with either masculine pronouns or singular they. Going forward, please refer to me as Marie and with the pronouns she/her/herself. Thanks!

P..S.: If we talk on Facebook, please just go with "Nick" when talking to me on there, since I'm not "out" to a significant portion of my family. This is not an excuse to call me anything but Marie or Duckie in person or anywhere online that's not Facebook. Don't be That Person™.

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Sicuro v0.20.0 released

All in all, a fairly uneventful release. Mostly just general code cleanup, and a fix for a bug which was introduced with a rubygems update (

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Yeah, it's a commercial, but still..

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Hello, Pittsburgh!

So I've been in Pittsburgh for most of a day now (got here at 4am, it's now 10:10pm). It's been pretty fun. Went to a Pittsburgh Ruby meetup earlier, and met some awesome people.

The picture below is the view outside the window when I woke up at 8am (I have no clue why I woke up after only 4 hours of sleep).

It's also on deviantArt ( and flickr (

Super excited to finally be up here!
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