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Stay hungry, stay foolish
Stay hungry, stay foolish


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(Funny) Lesson learned

A Lego enclosure for a Pimoroni STS-Pi vehicle [1] that houses also the offical Raspberry Pi touch screen [2], the offical camera module [3] and two battery packs suffers from weak structural integrity. xD

Of course, this thing is obviously too heavy for the poor STS Kit's motors.

Nevertheless, it was a great sunday's hack - and the Android Thing part of my idea worked very well. :)


*How to "send" the Rasp. Pi camera video stream to companion apps?*

... for 1:1 connections without using the Google Nearby SDK?

I use NanoHttp as an on device web server, but i think, that this would not be performant enough to stream real time video?

Solved: Looking for a Android Things based Webserver

Hi folks,
do you know a simple Webserver for API calls (and maybe a static website) that would run on an Android Things device?

I know that Google Nearby would be a better approach but I need the freedom of simple Http requests to control my app.

If this approach is totally insane and against the ecosystem's pattern of doing things, please tell me this, too.


My guess would be "nanoHttpd"

Hi folks,
is it possible that if I have a app running on my Anorid Things device that uses Nearby API that the device is not logged into my Wifi? It does not appear in my Wifi devices list (hard IP) and not longer foundable by the adb conneced command.

Is there any possibility to connect to the "ghost" device?

THanks for yput tipps.

*Android Things + Google Play Services => UPDATE_REQUIRED*

Hi folks,
I use the current Android Things Version and I try to use the Google Nearby API. But I fail :(

implementation ''
api ''

I also tried to use version 11.6.2 for the services, but the same error occured:

ConnectionResult{statusCode=SERVICE_VERSION_UPDATE_REQUIRED, resolution=null, message=null}
W/GooglePlayServicesUtil: Google Play services out of date. Requires 11910000 but found 11745330

Does somebody has a glue how to update the Google Play Services?
I already installed in Android Studio / Android SDK / Android API 27 (and Oreo)

Thanks for your tips, and happy coding!

Hi guys,

I'm tinkering around with a "remote controlled car" with Android Things. The car moves, everything is fine.

The next step would be to use a kind of remote control (another Android app).
After some research, there are multiple ways to do it - and one that I just found out does not work as expected.

In addition, in the future it would be great to stream the video of the Pi's camera to the app.

I think possible ways how to interact are:

- Firebase Messages (requires internet connection)
- Nearby API Content Connections

Maybe this could also work:
- Maybe some low energy bluetooth (e.g. emulate a xbox controller)
- Hosting a REST service on the Android Thing car

Ways that did not work for me:
- Nearby API Messages (to slow, not that reliable to control a car)

Does somebody has some experiences about this topic?

Thanks, and happy coding folks! :)

Explorer HAT Driver

Does somebody use an Explorer HAT with Android Things?
If yes, how do you communicate with the HAT. I think there is no driver for this kind of HAT.

Thanks for helping me!

Good evening folks :)

Maybe some one could help me out with initial question of an Action's beginner.
Are (Google Assistant) Actions are meant to work as a "whats new on an RSS-Feed" style apps / actions?

I was not able to find any information about how to implement such an app, that's why I'm note sure if this kind of Actions will work in general.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hey guys,
I'm looking for a new Android Things sparetime project that is a little more as an app.

I saw a lot of Raspberry Pi driving robots - that sounds great, aint it? :)
Does somebody have an idea what kit is great to work with in combination with Android Things and buyeable in the EU or Germany?

Thanks for your tipps and a happy new year! :)

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Christmas time is maker time.
I used the christmas bank holiday to tinker around with Android Things and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

It was quite easy to combine both to a very simple "cloud pager".
The following example displays a FCM notification as a running text on a Rainbow HAT's alphanumerical display.

Of course, this is no pro-code, but I want to point out, that Android Things is perfect for a "1 day, 100% successful"-project with your kids or just as a relaxing task for the modern, always stressed developer xD.

Happy coding!
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