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Easily create beautiful Google plus posts via mobile or web, using all popular formatting options: Bold, Italics and Strikethrough.

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Get The Plus Editor Now For Free (iOS & Android)!

Easily create beautiful Google plus posts via mobile or web, using all popular formatting options: Bold, Italics and Strikethrough.

►◄▲ « » < >★♥♣☺☼♫ ♪¶× √® © ™€ £ $½ ¼ ¾  

Available Now For Free!:

Google Play:
App Store:
Web Version:

Includes tons of symbols!

Arrows: ►◄▲ « » < >

Music: ♫ ♪ ¶

Fun: ★♥♣☺☼

Checkmarks: × √

Corporate: ® © ™

Currency: € £ $ ¢

Measurements: ½ ¼ ¾

Other: ¿ ¡

More about the project:

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Edited and formatted using +The Plus Editor for Google Plus
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Free Social Media Marketing Resources Kit!

Go ahead and download the incredible free kit by +Buffer​! It's packed with awesome goodies.

#SocialMedia #Buffer #Marketing 
A collection of checklists, guides, graphics, and stock photos to help provide social media marketing resources for beginners and experts alike.
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Inbox by Gmail

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Inbox by Gmail - Full Review of a Revolutionary Approach
If it was measurable in percentage, I’d say Inbox boosted my email productivity workflow by at least 80%!

Thanks to Inbox’s clutter free & straight forward approach, I’m able reach “Inbox Zero” on a daily basis (!) which is a task almost impossible when using Gmail or other traditional email clients.

I like saying that "Inbox transformed Gmail the way Gmail transformed Email".

Go ahead and read the full review, and be sure to let me know what you think: 

#InboxbyGmail   #Google   #Productivity   #Tips   #Email  
Inbox did to Gmail what Gmail did to Email. Read the full review of Inbox, and understand how and why it's ways more powerful than Gmail.
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Your link to the google+  bigger image took me in circles , Never found one,  whats with that?
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The Google Plus Editor App

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The Plus Editor for Google+
Share beautiful Google Plus posts from mobile (Android + iOS)

Google Play:
App Store:

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Google Plus For You

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The Plus Editor for Google+
The Plus Editor for Google Plus!
Free App For Sharing Beautiful Posts to Google Plus.

Lean more & get it now at:

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Which do you use and why?
Which comment system do you use. And why?

I'm trying to figure out which comment system is best for my blog. Ideally, it would be one that's able to support comments from all major social network platforms.

While I'm sure the poll will provide some interesting data, I'm actually way more interested to hear about your why - so please share at least one reason for your selection in the comment section below.

P.S. Once we're done with the poll I'll reveal the system I'm currently using. It does a decent job but it's far from perfect, which is why I'm so keen to learn if there's a better solution out there. Thanks!

#Comments   #Poll  
81 votes  -  votes visible to Public
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We just use Google+. It works fine and we're moving away from FB where engagement is dropping like a brick.
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Best Ways to Utilize Google Calendar for Productivity

Share calendars, manage events, join g+ hangouts, add national holidays, add tasks, access offline, set meeting across time zones, show weather, add maps, Google now integration…

Maintaining an organized calendar is extremely important for productivity, time management, organization and so much more.

Learn How to Utilize your Google Calender for Productivity: 

#GoogleTips   #GoogleCalendar   #Productivity  
With the ability to sync data across multiple Google products and much more - Google Calendar is by far the most powerful and productive calendar available.
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Thank you!
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101 Guide to YouTube Playlists & Mixes
Did you know over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?! With so much content, how are we suppose to find and arrange the things we like in a way that makes sense?

In this post I'll use my own YouTube channel and others to share many examples, insights and tips from a point of view of both YouTube creators and viewers.

Read on at:

#YouTube   #Playlists   #Mixes   #21GoogleTips  
Everything you need to know about YouTube playlists and Mixes. The 101 guide for both YouTube creators and viewers.
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Sizes and Free Templates for the Google+ Cover photo and Profile Image.
Google Plus For You, by Daniel Futerman

The new size of the Google+ cover photo is:
Smallest size: 480x270 pixels
Largest Size: 2120x1192 pixels

Download a free template for the google+ cover photo!

  1. Go here to Download the google+ cover photo template
  2. Open it
  3. Insert your photo and adjust the size
  4. Save
  5. Upload to your google+ as your cover photo
Its that simple!