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Janice Angelica
Everyone has their own luck.
Everyone has their own luck.

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Biblichor took me back to 1 year ago as I experienced the first great book sale. As for me, books are lifetime adventures. You can re-visit your most favorite places in a second, or run into your favorite persons forever. Because they kept all of our dreams...

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What Can Be Seen in NYC
NEW YORK! The big city where everyone dreams come true they said. Yes, I want to visit NYC too. I believe, one day I could! Flatiron Building Yeah,
this iconic building in NYC :D I wonder how is it inside the building? Because
it’s seems so narrow from the ...

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15 Facts About Me
Thank you  Mommy Jane  for the tag! So here they are. Don't forget to read her too! . Eye-fetish I like staring at people who has beautiful eye-shape, long
lashes, and big eyes. . I long for having braces since Senior High School And YES, thank God n Univer...

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The Low Maintenance Friend
I found this tweet and bam it hit me! I can’t describe what type of friend I was before. And,
well, this one suit me well. What is Low-Maintenance friends? Based on her
tweet, it was an easy going type of friend. An ignorant one. Though you rarely
talked to...

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Happy Women's Day!
Hi, gorgeous women! Yes, Happy International Women's Day! To celebrate, I want to share my latest inspirations for styling everyday outfit :) Well, they came from the most hippest & influencing style ever. American, Japanese, and Korean. I didn't want to di...

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10 Types of Guy I Wish My BF Have
Bikin post ini bukannya menganggap diri sendiri sempurna.
Enggak kok, sama sekali enggak. Hanya mau berbagi aja, supaya lebih pada sadar
akan sifat-sifat yang kurang menyenangkan. Saya pun banyak sekali sifat-sifat
buruknya, tidak terkecuali mungkin ada sal...

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5 Amazing Places I Will Not See!!
Hi, there! How's your day :) It's been March already. How fast a month could go. I wish you a very great March. A month of cheerfulness. May all the good things of March surrounds you always. 1. Heaven's Gate Zhang Jia Jie-Tian An Men Shan Zhang Jia Jie, Ch...

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Nice Interior Cafe in Jakarta
Hi, there! Hand's up for those who loves cozy cafes! So, I'll be pick up a few of 'em for you :) 1. Wicked Cold Their specialties are ice cream and fro-yo (Frozen Fruit Yogurt)! Who doesn't love these kind of comfort food? And they support dessert for sweet...

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Hi there! I would like to make a review about a drama everyone’s
watching! Yes, that famous, lonely, and great God, GOBLIN :D I’ll write in a
different point of view. The view of what’s good and bad between the characters
that I found and I could learn from...

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photo by : STAY. For me, stay is ‘to be in one pace/place for a long time
period’. Either it’s a job, a love, a place, or a feeling or another
‘a’s you can mentioned. But, I will talk
about how to stay single in your 20’s. Sounds weird. N...
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