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Ok, I am both impressed and a little creeped out.... 

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Do you have 3 minutes to spare?

Please take this short survey on the use of mobile applications as part of your job. I'd appreciate it if you shared this will your circles as well so we can get a large sample size.

BTW, so far the least amount of survey responses are coming from Google+ . Come on folks, help me prove there is value in this place!

oh hello g+ it's been a long time.. nothing to report other than my Job at EMC is going OK..

ok it's almost 3 am and I need to entertain myself to stay awake. Who is on G= at this hour?

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Proj glass looks really cool. Interesting what they choose to show visually (e.g." So and so wants to talk to you" rather than just having it TELL you that...

watching an old episode of Columbo. I remember my mom enjoying columbo, and she's been gone for for 22 years. funny how watching an old TV show can bring back all sorts of memories.

I am going to Lotusphere (#LS12) in Orlando next week, Sat afternoon you can find me at the "BALD" (Bloggers and Lotus Divas :))event, then at booth 408 on the showcase floor- hanging with me panagenda friends.

Anybody at leWeb get to play with Watson - the IBM "jeopardy" computer?
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