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Social media - saviour or pariah?
I think social media is a fantastic revolution in human connectivity. But I also have a fear that it has played a large part in bringing us to the current status quo. I'm not normally one to broadcast strong political beliefs, but it would hardly be a surpr...

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To procrastinate no more!
The original purpose behind this blog was to hold myself to account. I declared publicly that I was going to write a novel, with the intent that having done so, I'd shame myself into having to fulfil that declaration and defeat my procrastination. Whether t...

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A very un-British gentleman
It's very possible I'm not really British. If my tastes are anything to go by I'm more likely to be South East Asian. The fact that adorable wife is Malaysian is not the sole factor in this thinking.   Firstly I do not like the definitive British take-away,...

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Camden Market - A foreign holiday to London Part 2
London had already given so much. It was late in the afternoon, approaching four, when we arrived at Camden via the tube, and re-emerged into the sultry summer heat. Our return train wasn't until 8.43pm so we figured we had plenty of time to explore. The fi...

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Hey, I'm playing Castle Clash! Come join me and let's kick some ass!

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Procrastinating in Oxford with a camera
It's been said a picture speaks a thousand words. So here's 11 thousand words about Oxford...

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What happens when you reach your destination?
I'm sitting in my new favourite local café, Veneto, nursing
an iced soy latte, tablet on the table, listening to Italian love songs drift
through the hidden speakers. My visit to town started with a trip to Henry's to try on a
couple of suits, one for hire,...

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I am writer... read my roar!
I am writer, read my roar! "What do you want to achieve?" I am asked. Upon receiving my reply, the follow up question is "and
how do you think you can achieve that?" This is the hardest question to answer. It's easy to have
dreams and goals. But making them...
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