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Bjarke Nielsen
Student of theoretical physics, free/open source software enthusiast, deadhead.
Student of theoretical physics, free/open source software enthusiast, deadhead.

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Roky Erickson / All That May Do My Rhyme. Re-release on vinyl and CD!

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Today marks the 50th anniversary of this album. I'd rate it as one of the most important music releases of all time.

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Genopdager det danske landkøkken - på besøg hos mutter. 

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(+Tore Nielsen: Speaking of feeling old :-P ) 

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Do as the man says!

+Morten Juhl-Johansen Zőlde-Fejér :
I recall that you've looked into "cloud data storage" solutions fairly extensively - right? Do you happen to know of any truly distributed solutions?
Ideally it would work by splitting your stored data into (encrypted) chunks which were then distributed among all users of the system in a peer-to-peer manner, much the same way that BitTorrent does, providing lots of redundancy and decentralization.
I looked at BitTorrent Sync, but it seemed to me that you were only distributing the data between your own devices(?) which is not exactly what I want.

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I just remembered this video, commissioned by the European Commission (ahem...).
Wow, was that video ever condescending? The answer is clearly "Yes, hilariously so."

(Danish version below)
A few words of warning:
After returning from abroad, I checked my phone bill. Apparently I'd been charged 122DKK ($20) for 0.31MB of data - yes, you read that correctly, 65USD/MB !
SAS, the airline I was flying with, were advertising a new in-air mobile data network called AEROMOBILE, which my phone had connected to, but which I luckily didn't really use. If i had watched even a short YouTube video, the total could easily have exceeded 6000USD!

I talked to the network department of my cell phone carrier, and they said that these satelite networks, like AEROMOBILE, are free to charge whatever they like. I shudder at the though of being financially ruined by watching a single YouTube video.

TL/DR; never ever allow roaming while in flight or in international waters!
En mindre advarsel:
Efter at være hjemvendt fra udlandet tjekkede jeg min mobildatafaktura, og så at jeg var blevet trukket 122kr for 0.31MB data - en nærmest forsvindende lille mængde data. Under flyvningen med SAS læste jeg i deres informationsmateriale at man nu kunne bruge mobildata under flyveturen gennem netværket AEROMOBILE, som jeg forbandt til men heldigvis stort set ikke brugte. Hvis jeg havde set så meget som en kort YouTube-video kunne det altså nemt have kostet mig 40.000kr!

Jeg talte først med kundeservice og sidenhen med netværksafdelingen hos mit teleselskab, og de fortalte at satelitnetværk, som fx. AEROMOBILE, frit sætter prisen. Jeg er rystet over tanken om, at jeg kunne være faldet i økonomisk ruin bare ved at have set en kort YouTube-video eller på anden måde benyttet internettet.

Det korte af det lange må altså være, at man ALDRIG skal forbinde til mobilnetværk på flyveture eller i internationalt farvand. For at være på den sikre side bør man sætte sit udstyr på flytilstand.

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I will be flying to Norway for the Nordic Winter School on Cosmology and Particle Physics tomorrow. I'm quite excited, looking forward to nerding out in picturesque surroundings!

#Cosmology   #ParticlePhysics   #HEP  

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Making elderflower lemonade - one of the summer traditions I like best :-)
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