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not really that interested in the whole web 2.0 thing...
not really that interested in the whole web 2.0 thing...


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We had to have our 6 month old kitten - Odin - put down this morning. We'd just started letting him go outside a few weeks ago and he loved it, he was so eager to get out - literally hanging off the window until we opened it. This morning was no exception.

We let him out at around 9am and I walked the dog about 10 minutes later. When I got back and was near the house, I could hear this loud meowing. I looked for the source and found him sprawled under a bush. He wasn't laying right - his back legs looked funny - so I called my wife right away. She came out and had a look and I took the dog in. We got into the car and took him straight to the vets where he had three X-rays, and they revealed that his spine had been crushed and his pelvis was broken. He was in a lot of pain, would never be able to walk again and wouldn't be able to have any quality of life. They recommended that he be put down.

He was such a lovely little kitten. He was already heavier than our other cat (who is 4 and a half years old) and always seemed so happy and energetic. My Dad called him a "smashing little fellow." He had a wonderful life, and I wish he hadn't had to go so soon, but I don't think there's anything we could have done to make him happier.

I really miss him - the house seems quiet without him (even though Dusty and Thor are still here), and I miss his little purr and the way he'd stand up to get cuddles, and the way he would sit on my shoulders and purr. I hope we did the right thing for him - and we will never forget him.

Rest in peace, little one.
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The OnePlus X has now been announced.  Looks like a great budget phone, prices from $249.

Click on to sign up for an invite

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free Krispy Kreme Donut if you sign up to their "Friends of Krispy Kreme" 

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Surprised I hadn't seen this before - looks to be promising  

Just ordered a new laptop from +Overclockers UK  - I've ordered from them before, so hopefully this will go a lot better than my last laptop order!

Incidentally, the laptop order with +Nigel O'Hara​ is not going so well. They've taken the money (£1,400+) then told me the laptop was no longer available, and would I like something else from the site. I asked for my money back (and I'm really not sure they had any grounds to take it in the first place) and am still waiting.

I did have a look, and they still have the laptop on the site, just at a higher price.

So, to summarise:
1. They took my money without any ability or intention to deliver the item
2. Rather than simply issuing a refund when it became apparent that they could not deliver, they made me request one
3. They still have the laptop on their site. It looks like they simply try to source whatever is ordered for less than they have charged when an order is placed (meaning that they will never be the cheapest)
4. Also, they sent me my password in plaintext, and while they said I'd have to change it on next login, I was not prompted to do so and there doesn't seem to be a password change option (this means that the password is likely stored in plaintext so is very vulnerable if they are hacked and is probably visible to the staff)

You have to request a reference from +Nigel O'Hara​ in order to leave them a review at TrustPilot but I will be doing so once I have my money back.

I'd recommend steering clear

Fourth day in a row for delays on Southern trains to London Victoria. Added to that, there have been delays getting home every day except Monday.

6 of my last 7 journeys on Southern trains have been delayed

Third day in a row that my train to work has been delayed. Good work, Southern!

So it seems that +Nigel O'Hara​ don't have the laptop I ordered, so the next question will be how long it takes to get a refund. Looking at reviews for the site, this could be a long wait...

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You can get a free Krispy Kreme donut if you join their "Friends of Krispy Kreme UK" group.  What's even better?  I'll get one too!
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