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Happy .HOLIDAY! More New gTLDs are Now Available for Registration.
1&1 continues to offer brand new domain extensions for immediate registration every week. Starting today, users can register the following new generic top-level domains (gTLDs):

With more than 60 new gTLDs currently available, businesses have a vast array of opportunities to differentiate themselves from competitors and build an impressive online brand. To register your new domain name, visit

For the first year of registration, .MARKETING can be registered for just £19.99, and .BUZZ and .HOLIDAY for £29.99. After registering any new gTLD, users can easily link an existing website to the new domain via the 1&1 control panel.
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Wondered what the new Top-Level Domains could mean for your business?

Watch our 'New Opportunities with New Domains' Webinar for insight into what the new domains are and how they could benefit your business.

You can find the slides to accompany the presentation here:
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1&1 Internet, Ltd.

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While having a website is crucial for SMBs to reach customers, building eBusiness activities will help maintain and grow sales. In order to help small business owners revamp their website and online efforts, 1&1 has temporarily implemented more attractive price points for its popular website design application, 1&1 MyWebsite.

From just £0.99/month, business owners can now create an attractive website with professional functionality.

For more information, please visit
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.COFFEE and More New Top-Level Domains Available for Immediate Registration Starting Today
Every week, 1&1 Internet releases more new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) for immediate registration. Starting today, users can register the following new gTLDs:

Business owners have more opportunities than ever to secure a memorable and relevant domain name for their industry. These five new gTLDs join the list of more than 50 domain extensions recently made available.
After registering any of the new gTLDs, users can simply link an existing website to the new domain via the 1&1 control panel. .INTERNATIONAL can be registered for just £9.99 for the first year, and .COFFEE, .FLORIST, .HOUSE and .SOLAR can be registered for £19.99.
To register your new domain name, visit
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Be Appealing to the Mind and the Eye - Turning a Website into a Work of Art with WordPress Themes

A website has the freedom to publish any and all kinds of information and content to the Internet. Any topic or idea, ranging from a personal blog or local restaurant to explaining the science behind nuclear fusion, can be published on the World Wide Web. And, although the content of a website is a top priority, the overall look can be just as important for a viewer deciding to stay or leave a page. WordPress puts users’ minds as ease by allowing pre-created themes to be easily applied to their website, ensuring that the rich content is accessorised by the right visuals.

A WordPress theme describes the design and functionality of a WordPress site. Consisting of mostly PHP files and cascading style sheets (CSS), themes are the design templates behind a user’s site that properly display all of the content in a logical and visually appealing way. Perhaps, one of the biggest advantages for using a content management system (CMS) as powerful as WordPress is that it allows for the separation of content and Web design. Users have the flexibility to change the design, layout and the look of their WordPress site without also having to change the existing content. When a new theme is installed, all existing content is manipulated to fit the new theme, without being lost or edited.  

At this moment, there are more than 2,400 different themes available to download for free through and even more available from other sources. In addition to the extensive directory of creative and unique themes, there is also an option to choose a theme that has professional support behind it. Known as a premium theme, these typically offer several advantages for a small cost. For example, they tend to offer more functionality, regular updates from the creator of the theme, even more unique design and layout options, customer support from the creator, premium plugins, and more. Furthermore, many of the premium marketplaces display ratings and reviews which can be very helpful for selecting the best theme to fit the needs of a unique Web presence. Free themes with these additional features are very rare, so if beginners are looking for a powerful and customisable theme, paying for a premium theme is probably the best choice.

Can’t find the perfect theme? Advanced users with experience in programming may be interested in building their own theme. WordPress is constantly growing and evolving due to the active community contributing to it. With support from WordPress, it is easy to learn about CSS, PHP and HTML coding to create and apply the ideal theme for any project. To create a unique look with a step-by-step guide, check out
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1&1 Internet, Ltd.

Shared publicly  -, the first DOT LONDON domain. Will you be next?

As part of London Priority Period, from 29th April – 31st July, 1&1 will be taking pre-registrations for the new .London domain.

However, you can pre-order your business name now!
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Boost Security by Keeping Your Website Up-to-Date

Website security is of the utmost importance for businesses of all sizes. By maintaining their website, business owners ensure the safety of themselves, their customers, and potential customers. There are various ways to protect an online presence. Keeping the website, along with any applications and software, up-to-date is one of the easiest measures that can be taken to reduce a site’s level of risk to malicious activity. Ensuring that all aspects of an online presence are current also helps to maintain the stability and functionality of the website as a whole.

By implementing the most recent and stable version of website applications and scripting languages, an online presence is more likely to remain secure. When vulnerabilities are detected in “old” versions, the developers publish an update or suggest a fix. By updating the code as soon as possible, website owners are doing their due diligence to avoid exploitation. A good hosting provider will ensure that its offerings can support the latest and greatest versions.

In addition to scripting languages, it’s also important to keep applications and software up-to-date to avoid malicious intrusions. If a content management system (CMS) is powering a website, the platform may send notices to administrators when updates are available. 1&1 provides Web hosting customers with a library of the most popular applications that can be easily installed in their latest stable version. Furthermore, nearly all 1&1 Click & Build applications (WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, Magento, Drupal, etc.) can be installed in either Free Mode or Safe Mode to tailor security updates to the user’s requirements.

In Safe Mode, 1&1 takes care of everything so that users do not need to worry about security vulnerabilities or maintenance. However, this option does have some customisation limitations. When an app is installed in Free Mode, users have much more flexibility but with that comes the added responsibility of maintaining their own security. These users will have the option to receive email alerts from 1&1 when an update is available. Based on preference, email alerts can notify customers about new versions of applications, plug-ins, and/or security fixes. Users will also receive notifications about specific security issues concerning certain versions of the app and the app itself. As an added precaution for those using WordPress, the “Site Manager” plug-in (developed by 1&1) can be used to facilitate automatic updates of major releases, themes, and other plug-ins.

Another way that business owners can ensure that their website and its visitors are out of harm’s way is to use a security solution like SiteLock (included in the 1&1 Unlimited and Performance Packages). These proactive solutions offer users a way to protect their websites against unintentional access from outsiders that might take advantage of outdated code. One of many features provided by this service is a website application scan. The scan will detect vulnerabilities within applications and notify users when updates and security patches are available. This can save website developers significant time, especially when their project is built using software that does not directly provide users with information about update availability.

Every Web project is unique and the method by which each project is secured can differ. It is important for website creators to understand the risks involved with outdated installations to ensure safety on the ever-evolving Internet. Regardless of each user’s technical expertise, 1&1’s hosting packages provide a range of solutions to further ensure website security.
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1&1 Internet, Ltd.

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Important information about the “Heartbleed” security vulnerability in SSL encryption software
A few days ago, a dangerous security vulnerability was discovered in the OpenSSL encryption software ( OpenSSL versions 1.01 to 1.01f are affected. The vulnerability, which occurred in the “Heartbeat” extension of OpenSSL, can lead to information leaking from the affected systems. Thus, the programmers who discovered the leak dubbed it “Heartbleed.”

Since OpenSSL is used on millions of servers to encrypt Internet connections, such as the transmission of websites or for delivering emails, the effects are very serious. 1&1 promptly began countermeasures and secured all potentially affected systems as soon as the vulnerability was known.

As a customer, this means: All servers that are managed by 1&1 and use OpenSSL have been secure since a few hours after the announcement of the Heartbleed bug.

Important: If you operate a server with root access (Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, or Dynamic Cloud Servers), 1&1 cannot automatically complete an update for you because we have no access to these systems. If you run OpenSSL on a root server, it is important to update to a secure version of the software immediately. Additionally, we recommend that you generate a new private SSL key and then create a new SSL certificate. Our Customer Care Team will happily assist you with this last step. You can reach them on 0330 123 0275 (Option 4) or email

More information about the Heartbleed bug can be found at and a simplified explanation at
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Web professionals and business users alike need quality results on a reliable hosting platform which can often require a sizeable investment. However, 1&1 are excited to offer an opportunity for users to benefit from its geo-redundant technology and feature rich hosting packages at a highly competitive price.

Until 30th June, we are offering our Linux Basic hosting package for only £0.99 for the first year under a 12 month contract term.

Customers will have the opportunity of leveraging a free domain, 140+ Web apps, unlimited traffic, the latest NetObjects Fusion, up to 100 email addresses, and much more while maintaining a low budget.

To learn more, visit
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£0.99 first year offers

1&1 have a number of great £0.99 first year offers that can get you online in virtually no time.

Whether it’s a personal website, business site or online shop 1&1 have a number of solutions to suit your needs.

Build a website in minutes with 1&1 MyWebsite Lite for just £0.99 +VAT for 1 year. Choose from a number of templates ideal for themes such as family, travelling, weddings, new babies, or hobbies such as sports and music. Integrate your site with your Social Media channels instantly.

With the 1&1 eShop Basic, you can now setup an online store for £0.99/month +VAT. Connect your shop to marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay for multi-channel sales outreach.

Both the 1&1 eShop and MyWebsite include a free domain. You can also register an additional .com address for just £0.99 first year +VAT!

We would love to see your creations so share your sites with us in the comments section below.

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