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"SweepEase should have been invented 50 years ago!
"SweepEase should have been invented 50 years ago!

Good Sweeper
This is a good sweeper , very easy to set up with a one finger quick release for the attach tabs . Included is an extra tab just in case it breaks. The brush is stiff and will move debris from the pool. With arched ends and longer bristles on the ends it works with curves on steps and pool bottoms. The airfoil keeps the brush down on the surface or on the wall with minimum effort. It's 18 inches wide which is very maneuverable . With its airfoil shape it glides well through the water in either direction without to much resistance.
Made of Ploy Plastic with a metal attach it should last quite a while. If I had one improvement for myself it would be to have a row of fine softer brush strands included so it will get the fine sands to move too.
I think this is a great product for thouse in the need
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Patented Design
"So I was very skeptical of the "patented design" advertised by the manufacturer. I guess I just didn't understand the "Aquadynamics". I must acknowledge that this pool brush design really does the job well and works as advertised. The design really does help it stick to the wall. The water flows up and back and helps push it down to the wall. I like the size and that there are a few metal bristles in the brush also."
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Beat the pool store brush
This is truly a great pool brush. It beats the one I purchased at the pool store. This brush is far better than that one. And they are the same price. So I'm content with this one.
I recommend it.
Ed S.
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Take the work out of brushing.sweep-ease-brush-testimonials
This brush is very effective and great quality. When pushing forward, the design causes the brush to press against the wall of floor. When pulling backward, the brush will actually rise to the surface. The design takes all the work out of brushing.
Nicholas P.
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Amazing, one of my favorite purchases. Makes sweeping fun.
I can sweep my pool one handed (and get a good scrub), get a good solid HEAVY pole, don't use the typical light aluminum junk and the weight of a good pole is enough to keep this brush stuck to the wall. The harder you push the better the scrub, simple idea that makes so much sense and works amazingly well.
Combat C.
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Works as Advertised!
Works GREAT - just as advertised! Much easier to sweep the walls with this brush than any of the others I've tried in the past several years. I will purchase another when this one dies!
Amazon Customer
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Better Than Wall Whale
When my Wall Whale Pool Brush broke its fin, I bought this Sweepease brush instead, and was pleasantly surprised because the Sweepease model is lighter yet still has enough of a fin to still press into the pool surface as the brush is pushed around the pool. Even though, the whale brush has more rows of bristles (and re-brushes the same spot more with each stroke), if the Sweepease is easier to push, it will clean more of the pool in a given amount of time.
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Easier for brushing surfaces that are difficult to access from poolside
Bought this to replace the model with a moving flap which was still working fine after 8 years except that the bristles had worn to 1/4". It is a good product and solidly constructed in my opinion there is less downward pressure created than that of my old "flap brush" but it is still adequate to do the job well. Highly recommended especially if your pool curves in and out or for brushing horizontally along the upper edges which makes using a regular pool brush less effective because you are unable to get good pressure contact pressure with all surfaces. I think this brush will last well.
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Well constructed and easy to use with little effort.
The claims they make about this have played out. It is much easier to brush the bottom and sides of my pool. My arms were not always strong enough to keep it to the sides before with the pole extended to it's max and I can now do so with very little effort. Additionally it seems of much better quality than the brush I was replacing which snapped at the junction of the plastic stub. Great buy.
Lael B.
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Makes brushing a whole lot easier
Very nice light weight brush. I am female and have a bad shoulder. I have struggled with my old brush just brushing around the tile line. This brush makes it easier to push and pull because of it's good design. It is still work to brush a pool but this brush makes it less so. The construction is sturdy. I am very happy with my new brush as it makes my life easier and I am all for that.
Esther D
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