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Attention coffee lovers! Seattle Barista Academy is looking for new instructors to join our team! Please check out this link for more info:

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"I loved the conversation at the table in the very beginning discussing the history of coffee. I liked that it was a very real, organic conversation and not a classroom with someone talking at me with some boring powerpoint presentation."
- Emily Willett (Attended Weekend Barista Fundamentals Course)
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"Loved it! I had a great time with the whole team. Enjoyed every minute. The experience was above what I thought it would be. Love the program." - Zeferina S. Aguilar (attended 5-day barista course)

"Everything and everyone was excellent and very professional. Exceeded expectations." - Wendy Eidmann (attended 5-day barista course)

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Check out what our 5-day program attendees say about us!

Great! Really catered to each of our future plans.

Enjoyable experience. Good teaching atmosphere.

Loved visiting coffee shops in the area.

Very comprehensive.

I felt the program was extremely helpful. The course covered quite a lot. I was not aware of all the parts that so into starting up and running a coffee business.


Here is a recent student review of our Advanced Latte Art course. Thank you Bob Garcia, for giving us such a great review!

"Level of training at Seattle Barista Academy was fantastic! Christos pushed us to keep improving and I feel we're at a level that I have a solid enough foundation to continue our development of these skills. Awesome!"

We just got this review of our Home Barista Course. Unfortunately he was not web savvy enough to be able to post it so here it is! Thank you Dr. Alabaster!

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Home Barista Class a few weekends ago that was given to me for a father's day gift by my daughter. For 30 years I have had a still functioning Rancilio grinder and expresso maker/steamer which I used infrequently with not so good results. My daughter knows the way I approach things with passion and felt that I could re-ignite my espresso passion with this class. Was she ever right!!

There were four of us in class from different backgrounds and espresso interests from a young Amazon software transplant who was just curious, to me a recently retired physician to an engineer and his wife who has owned mutliple espresso machines and has modified many and was very technical in his questions. We all had a great time learning the basics from head to toe and developing or improving espresso making skills. The instructor (Steve) was great, witty but very patient and answered our questions to the best of his ability no matter how silly they may have been. We all finished the class wanting more and after practicing at home daily now (running through gallons of milk and bags of beans), I am making good espresso and lattes according to my family will probably update my equipment and take another class in the future, maybe to help perfect my "latte art."

There is an old adage in medicine that taking this class reminded me of. "You don't know what you don't know until you learn it." I didn't realized until I took this class all the basic do and don'ts and the little tips that go into making good espresso drinks. My thanks to the Academy and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest.

Steve Alabaster, MD

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We are looking for new members to join our amazing team!! Click below for more details:
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Happy Tuesday! Highlights of our most recent professional course and Seattle's Best Coffee Shop Tour. 
Check out more at
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Nonstop fun on our tour, come join our next one!
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