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How on earth did Sanam Puri pull this off!? How!? :D

He is known for remixing Bollywood songs! 

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The hero cup final over against South Africa at Eden Gardens :)

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I think by now most Indian have stopped working :) 

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If you have 20 minutes to spare then spend it watching this movie by Anurag Kashyap - it seems to have gone viral like anything.

Though I must admit that it was quite nauseating to watch it!

I find myself in a state of cognitive dissonance when I watch the end of the film. As much as the end may seem "right", I can't philosophically reconcile with the idea of vigilante justice. Isn't that anarchist?

Its common knowledge that these circumstances are too common in India but somehow I have neither seen nor faced or seem to know anyone who has faced such harrowing circumstances in public. I start doubting as to whether I have ever lived in India!? Or have the Indian women I have always known been too tough as people to ever share such experiences? I don't know...

That Day After Everyday - Short Film

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That once voice that never stops to sets my nerves on fire...

Celine Dion - Alone + My Heart Will Go On (Live An Audience With...) HQ

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Extraordinary circumstances!

Some judge in Guwahati has found a flaw in how the CBI is constituted and has made this an illegal body!

But as the old adage goes - never miss a crisis! :P
So here is the golden chance to finally pass an act in the parliament enhancing the autonomy of this vital organization.

Hurry up, #Kejriwal   and #KiranBedi and #AAP!
There is never again going to be such a great opportunity to finally get the CBI laws to change - since at least for the next few hours CBI is legally not even existing! WOW!

Purely intuitively I have always admired Ravichndran Ashwin!

There are some people who evoke a sense of confidence from the first day you see them. You just look at them and you know that they are a class apart and can fight in the worst conditions.

How many times have you seen a no.8 batsman bat almost like an opener and get a century and win you matches!? (..and get 5 wickets!..) And not just once he has an average of ~ 40!

He is definitely one of the most intelligent cricketers India has ever seen. (...of course Dhoni is a bit of a superhuman miracle and hence Ashwin has a tough competition for the captaincy post! ;P...)
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