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Wolfgang Bartelme
User interface and graphics designer from Austria
User interface and graphics designer from Austria


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Have you noticed… it's not just the iCloud icon, also Apple's new Messages icon uses the golden ratio.

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Today is iPhone day. On the one hand I'm excited, on the other hand I fear that we just gonna see a faster iPhone 4. Personally I think it's been way too long for just a minor update. I wanna see something new :) What do you expect from today's event?

Btw here is a nice roundup of all the rumors:

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I'm very proud to announce Magical Weather: A stunning animated weather station for your iPad.

Finally arrived in San Francisco. Tired but excited :)

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The Maastricht University (School of Business and Economics) conducts a survey about tablet PCs which only takes a couple of minutes to complete but contributes a lot to the meaningfulness of the research. They'd appreciate your input: Thanks for participating :)

What do you prefer: a desktop computer or a notebook hooked up to an external display?

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If you wanna make full use of Apple Mail's new conversation feature, make sure you check "Include related messages" in the "viewing" preferences. Thus you can see both received and sent messages of you conversation. Very useful!

Did you know that you can assign different wallpapers to your desktops?

Just switch to a desktop, open up the "Desktop & Screensaver" Panel in your System Preferences and choose a wallpaper. Then switch to the next desktop and do the same thing :)
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