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Craig Hall
A Serial Entrepreneur turned Mentor and Angel Investor
A Serial Entrepreneur turned Mentor and Angel Investor

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If you made $60 million per year ($150,000 per day) as Matty Moroun does with the Ambassador Bridge (not a bad return on his original investment of $30 million by the way), you would want to keep the monopoly too. No wonder he spent $550,000 in 2010 and $250,000 in 2011 on political contributions (including $100,000 to the Michigan Republican Party) and is continuing to spend on dis-information thru TV and Radio advertising ($5 million in 2011 alone). Now he has seeded a committee "The People Should Decide" to seek an amendment to the state constitution to require voter approval of a new bridge or tunnel. Unfortunately, while preserving his sweet deal this billionaire is jeopardizing the economic future of millions of Americans and Canadians. Want more sordid details? Read this Businessweek Article and let's build the New International Trade Crossing:

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What's the size for your company? A web company might do really well with thirty people and a few million dollars in revenue. To get to a thousand people (big enough for an IPO, say), it will need to transform both the product and the way it's sold. And in between the size it is now (which is working) and the size necessary for the public offering, there's a dead zone. This is a leap, not a stroll.

It's worth charting both profit per employee and owner satisfaction against the number of people in the organization. Perhaps getting a little bigger isn't what you want, and it might not even be possible. Good discussion from Seth Godin on scale.

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The Trust Molecule may explain why some of us are caring and some cruel, some generous and others greedy. Paul Zakon's new book "The Moral Molecule" uncovers a chemical substance that may be at the center of our moral lives. I don't want you to go blaming your oxytocin levels on why you are such a jerk at times though.

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Help Wanted: McKinsey Global Institute's discussion paper explores the forces shaping advanced economies -- which jobs are created, who fills them, where they are located, and what they pay. Great investigation into such areas as:
1) Technology is changing the nature of work.
2) The growing skills mismatch.
3) Geography matters.
4) Growing pools of untapped talent.
5) Disparity in income growth.

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8 Reasons to choose a startup over a corporate job:
1) You'll have more responsibility
2) You'll be given more opportunities
3) You'll be able to do a lot of different things
4) You will learn from true innovators
5) Your work will be recognized (as will your failures)
6) You'll work in an awesome atmosphere
7) You'll learn to be frugal
8) You'll be instilled with the value of hard work, ownership, and self-sustainability.
Great insight from Kerrin Sheldon at Fast Company

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Make time to prioritize and build in time for the things that matter. Most of us don'r really understand how we spend our time, myself included. Look back on the past month in your calendar. Add up the time you spent on important/strategic priorities. Was it enough? It's likely less than you thought. There is a difference between urgent and meaningful things. Let's all identify our top priorities for the year and make sure that we spend enough time on them in the coming months.

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What if it was true? Paul Graham founder of Y-Combinator (arguably the number one startup school in the world and a Silicon Valley icon) thinks that Apple is toast without Steve Jobs. While Apple's revenues may continue to rise for a long time, revenue is a trailing indicator in technology companies. Paul believes that the next Apple will come from a startup -- as you need to have a product visionary leader for that success. I certainly believe in "the visionary thing" and we will have to keep an eye on how that mantle will be picked up within Apple. Time will tell.

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Why an Entrepreneur (or you?) should never negotiate piecemeal -- and never against a lawyer (unless you have one present too). If you negotiate piecemeal you end up compromising on everything and that is not very smart. Good council from Mark Suster at Both Sides of The Table.

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Clean up iTunes. I have been digitizing my CD collection over the years and completed that task many years ago. In the "old days" I ripped them with various tools and sometimes hurriedly without regard to the quality of the music file or metadata that contained the information on the track (album name, track name, artist, etc.) While I cleaned up most of those tracks long ago, this PC Magazine article might help you organize and clean up yours. Hope that it helps!
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