[Private Messaging on Google+]

The only problem with the +Mention method of private messaging here on G+, there is no true message history showing all of your private +Mentions. I haven't seen anyone mention this little trick since the first week here on G+. I thought I'd share this helpful tip again.

Private Message Tracker / History

Create a Circle, name it whatever you want. I named mine Private Msgs. Important: Don't add anyone to your newly created Circle. Now, whenever you send a private message to someone, just +Mention them as normal, this time include your Private Messaging Circle as well. Then, when viewing your Stream, select your Private Messaging Circle and you'll see a history of every +Mention private message you've ever sent.


Please note: If you rename your Private Messages Circle, you'll lose all stored messages you've shared with that Circle. So, make sure you pick a name you're happy with at the start. i.e Renaming Private Msgs to Sent Msgs.


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