This newscaster, is an idiot.

+ABC News was discussing +Cecilia Abadie's landmark case with Google Glass and a traffic citation. After the segment, he said that he just tried on Google Glass and there's no way you should be driving with it as it's distracting and you can't see a thing with Glass in front of you.

Look at him. Just look at him. He doesn't even have Glass on his face properly. He's holding it up to his face. The nose piece isn't even on his nose, it's off to the side, offsetting how Glass would actually sit on your face.

In the beginning, Glass Explorers went to Google to learn how to wear them properly, so they wouldn't make uneducated statements like this man did. Glass Guides showed Explorers how to properly wear these new devices. I know that +Cecilia Abadie was instructed on how to wear Glass. He cannot make these accusations without receiving the proper training on how to use the device.

When Glass is on your face properly, you don't see the display. You can see through it. In fact, it looks like you're seeing the bottom part of prescription glasses, like looking at the edge of the glasses. While wearing Glass properly, the prism is above your eye line. Google made a conscious decision when they designed Glass. The prism sits above your normal field of view for safety and to keep you in the human moment.

Additionally, while wearing Glass, the display is only turned on when you tell it to be on. If you don't specifically cock your head backwards to 30 degrees (if you have head wake configured to 30 degrees) or touch the side of the device, the screen is off and you don't see it. It does not interfere with Glass.

You know what does interfere with driving? The arm separating your front windshield and your driver side window. You can't see through that thing without X-Ray goggles and those haven't been invented yet.

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