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ANDROID FANS UNITE! - We need your help!

+ASUS has locked the bootloader of their Transformer Prime. We, the Android Community, need to band together as we banded together a few months back against HTC. We used social media to fight against HTC's decision a few months back. Since then, HTC rescinded on their statement, has unlocked numerous devices back to back, released kernel sources and has even setup a complete opensource developer website.

We the Android Community need your help once again.

The fight is already beginning on Twitter and Facebook. Bring the fight to Google+.

How you can help. Bring the fight to Asus:

Sign the petition: http://goo.gl/monsm
G+ Page: http://goo.gl/Z1OJy
RT on Twitter: http://goo.gl/wymKz
Post on FB: http://goo.gl/zBlbs
XDA Thread: http://goo.gl/7qeGj

Bloggers: Please report on this issue. We need Asus to hear our voices.

#android #asus #transformerprime #occupyAsus

Edits: Bloggers are blowing up the blogosphere! Thanks for your support!
+Android Police http://goo.gl/rjjpn
+Droid Life http://goo.gl/IegXF
+Gizmodo http://goo.gl/qFNc4
+RootzWiki http://goo.gl/9RQJK

Key PR contact for Transformer Prime

Key technical PR contact

Official video: Prime Has Arrived! ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime. - Thumbs up bootloader comments.
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