Google Selling Unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus for $399

Google rejoins the mobile hardware business after nearly a 2 year hiatus. We knew this day was coming, however, it was rumored to only be tablets. The unlocked Galaxy Nexus comes at a low $399 price without contract and comes with a special $10 Google Wallet credit!

Congrats GSM customers still looking to purchase a Nexus phone.

First available in the U.S., Galaxy Nexus costs $399 and arrives at your door unlocked, without a carrier commitment or contract. You can use it on the GSM network of your choice, including T-Mobile and AT&T. It also comes pre-installed with the Google Wallet app which lets you easily make purchases and redeem offers with a tap of your phone. Best of all, we'll give you a $10 credit to get you started with your new mobile wallet.

Buy it now:

via: Google Mobile:
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