Android Circle Share: Let's focus on the developers

We have a lot of +Android Circle shares floating around Google+. A short while ago, I published a community curated Circle full of all sorts of +Android Enthusiasts ( That Circle is full of fans, lovers, developers, bloggers and even some brands.

Calling all +Android Developers. I want to create a Circle just for you!

ROM developers, kernel developers, application developers, even themers. Heck, if you're currently learning to develop for Android, you're included too!

Just like last time, if you know someone that is a developer and they should be known for their work just +mention them here. You can +mention yourself too. No need to wait for someone to add you.

Later, I'll turn this post into a shared Circle and share it with all of you just like last time.

Please limit the +mentions to developers only. If you're not a dev but want to be included in future Android related Circle shares, go here:

I'll get us started with someone of my developer friends. +Daniel Charlton +Clark Scheff +Todd Leech +Jeff Rebeiro +Phlash Tha +Jamie Doege +Angelo S +Roman Birg +Jake Southers +Li Ma
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