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I'm developing a commercial product and had some questions about whether it violates the TOS for the Chromecast, and if the CC is a viable option for what I'm trying to do. I've already created a simple sender and receiver, but before moving forward and possibly buying several CCs I'd like to decide if it's the best option.

In a sense, I'd like it to act as a wireless HDMI with the added benefit of being scriptable. Think of it as a secondary monitor.

Without going into too much detail, my requirements are that:
a) the CC device can only be accessed by a whitelisted application. Is this possible? Or would I need a guest wifi SSID in order to do it? Hiding it from other phones would be the ideal solution.
b) does using it in this way violate the TOS?

I know that this isn't the intended use for the CC device, which is why I wanted to ask before continuing. Generally working around what the device was initially built for leads to problems, but this seemed like a cool option to try out. 

I'm looking for someone to take over an in-progress Croogo CMS medium sized site. Must have experience with Croogo/CakePHP and integrating APIs. Something personal came up and I can't finish it, but don't want to leave the client with an unfinished site. The site is already designed and requires mostly backend work.

Please contact me if you're interested and I'll give you some details:

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Meet River!
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Just finished our first batch of beer. It's a Belgian Ale.
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New home
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Only one week left to submit your talk for CakeFest 2013. Get yours in before the June 30th deadline for this year's event! - 

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Check out the official CakePHP channel on YouTube, and watch community events and talks which have taken place around the world -

I just finished a major redesign of the ROCKHARBOR network of sites, including a responsive layout (for those who don't know, that means it "responds" to the device you're viewing it on - essentially a mobile, tablet, and desktop view wrapped into one - resize your browser width slowly to see). It's my first real attempt at a responsive layout, and I learned a lot going into it and coming out of it.

I'd love any sort of feedback on the functionality, usability, etc. of the site. A couple of notable pages included below:

Costa Mesa (subsite):
Staff Page:
Message Archive:

Let me know what you guys think. All critiques welcome.

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FLOSS Weekly just interviewed core developer +Mark Story on CakePHP, check out the video here -
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