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Experience Designer & Artist


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Our +Autodesk Experience Design team is looking for a Design Community Manager in San Francisco. Check it out and spread the word, if you know of a friendly, talented person who might be a great fit...

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Leica and Autodesk team up to create an awesome experience in the world of reality capture...

#3D #scanning #ReCap #realityCapture

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I'm a man, a feminist, a volunteer for @TechWomen, and I believe the world needs more female leaders. Here's why: #TechWomen16

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Animated Photo

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I created this #3D model of Friedrich V from an array of photos I took while visiting the Heidelberg Castle in Germany using ReMake, the new #photogrammetry software by +Autodesk.

I want to 3D print a custom Daydream headset. Does anyone know if dimensions have been published yet?
+David Coz #3Dprinting

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I highly recommend this visionary +TED x Portland talk by +Maurice Conti, director of +Autodesk's Applied Research lab. It offers a vision of a beautiful future that could be created using design tools that evolve from passive to generative to intuitive, and then applying these tools to solve the world's most important and difficult problems.
#Technology   #Robotics   #GenerativeDesign  

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When will our right not to be shot and murdered en masse be prioritized over the Second Amendment's right to bear arms? This is a zero-sum equation. Which right is more important?

The destructive power of the "guns" of today (i.e., assault rifles) couldn't have been imagined by the authors the Second Amendment. It's time to reevaluate the whole legal and social environment, and make choices that prioritize human safety over ease of access to these horrific home-grown weapons of mass destruction.

Want to take action and help make ‪#‎GunReformNOW‬ a reality? Here's a start...

#‎GunReformNow‬ ‪#‎GunReform‬

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If you're interested in myoelectric hands, then you'll want to check out this video I shot during the recent e-NABLE Design Summit at +Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop. Andreas Hess gives a brief presentation of a dev model of the beautiful Michelangelo hand, and discusses some of the important choices they made to make the hand feel and function as natural as possible.

#myoelectrics ‪#bionics‬ ‪#‎P9workshop‬ ‪#‎prosthetics‬

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My art has been launched into outer space, thanks to an awesome collaboration between Planet Labs and +Autodesk. Crazy, right? But true. Read all about it in my first Medium post...
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