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A little bit about Kacie...

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How to Prepare Students for HS Math Standardized Tests
Hello again, friends! I am here to present to you the details of a program I use in my high school Geometry classroom, which is both fun and proven to be very helpful! Read on to learn how to implement a version that fits your and your students' needs! SOS ...

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Test Strategy: JuJu on that BEAT!
Hi Y'all! So, this is the second year that my state has been using the ACT Aspire test as the End of Year summative assessment that replaced the PARCC, which replaced our state tests. It is supposed to help the students prepare to take the ACT test, but I a...

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Eight Ways to Get Secondary Students to Behave for a Substitute
Eight Ways to Get Secondary Students to Behave for a sub: Teachers, let’s face it. It is easier to come to school sick
than prepare for a sub. And the worst part is coming back to 3 pages of how
poorly your class behaved. You will have notes about students ...

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Paper Plate Unit Circle
Teaching the unit circle should be so much more than memorizing. Unfortunately, that was how I learned it in Trig class. I don't remember all the details about it how it was presented, but I remember studying it and memorizing all the parts. I have seen tri...

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Eight Ways to Celebrate Pi Day
8 Ways to Celebrate
Pi Day Discover Pi.  
Tell your students they are mathematicians! Mathematicians discover
patterns in nature and that’s all pi is. A number that occurs in nature!
Provide students with several round objects, such as balls, lids, oranges,...

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Decorating and Organizing Ideas for the Secondary Classroom
Welcome to my secondary Math classroom! It is functional and organized. And, it. is. cute! Yes, it is decorated. I have seen so much advice on the internet for secondary teachers that students HATE cute. Funny, because my students rave about finally coming ...

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My brain is totally mashed potatoes! Great analogy for us to remember when students come back from summer!

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Christmas In July
I find that no one loves a sale more than teachers. I also know that even though teachers say they love summer because they get so much rest, their brains are always working to plan for school.  So, a group of teachers that sell on Teachers Pay Teachers hav...

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Two for Tuesday with Kacie Travis
Two for Tuesday! 50% off TWO great products! If there is one thing
teachers need to do during summer break, it’s rest. If there is one thing
teachers actually do, it’s prepare for the next school year. Actively or passively,
yet constantly in thought, our b...
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