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Yipiii - A Shopping Portal With A Twist
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It's great weather outside and there's not a grey cloud in site. And even better, Yipiii has been featured in the Daily Mail!

Check it out!
If you want to buy something why not play to win it for free first, especially if you can’t lose? That's the idea behind Yipiii, which lets you take a punt at big names including M&S, Amazon, ...
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This Saturday will see the weird and the wonderful talents of the great British public sing, skip, jump, swim, punch, saw in half, strip or whatever is they like to do in the final of Britain's Got Talent.

with £500,000 up for grabs and a chance to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Show, no one will be mucking about too much, unless you count Simon Cowell and believe all the shenanigans in his book of course.

The acts to look out for are trendy essex Brit-pop trio 'Lovable Rogues', hot-stepping ballroom dancers 'Kai and Natalia', opera duo 'Charlotte and Jonathan' and the act that's already got Simon's stamp of approval - Ashleigh and her dancing dog, Pudsey.

Whoever comes out on top, you can bet your house it's going to be a little bit wacky, a little bit cheesy and hell of a lot of fun!

Tune in to ITV1 at 7:30pm to find how who will be victorious.
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Just a quick heads up for all you trendy fashionistas out there, Urban Outfitters is now on Yipiii! Head on over and check out the link below if you have a fondness for movie posters printed on on t-shirts.
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You know how you always wanted to be revenge driven, silent and skillful, white cape wearing hit-man during the American Revolution? You do? Well you're in luck pal, as Ubisoft released a teaser trailer for the eagerly anticipated back-side kicking fantasy action game, Assassin's Creed 3.

Check out the trailer below for what's in store for fans of Ezio and co and that whole shabang about vengeance and whatnot and don't forget to check out Yipiii for other Assassin's Creed related goodies!
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Meryl Streep, is there anything you don't do that's not worthy of an Oscar? In the current climate of cutbacks and austerity, Miss Streep turned out to be a popular Tory...well, she played one in a film that got a little bit of popularity... She pretty much charmed her way to another Academy Award for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in 'The Iron Lady'.

And here at Yipiii, we're giving you the chance to win a DVD copy of the film, to be released on April 30th, for the Tory-tight budget of £1. Imagine that, one of the hottest DVDs out this Summer for a knocked-off price.

And yes, we didn't think we'd ever be saying a Maggie Thatcher biopic would be hot...

Head on over to the following link to win your copy...
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Avert thy eyes people! Because we didn't get enough beauty sleep last night. Oh, and because there is a picture of a maniac just below this post.

It's Friday 13th, so if you're busy avoiding ladders, breaking mirrors or spilling salt, we recommend you don't hang out with the Yipiii team tonight on their regular pre-weekend outing.

Moving swiftly on, over on Yipiii, everyday is a lucky day, regardless if it's a day of mythical misfortunes because there is a '13' on the end of it! We're celebrating giving you some good luck by telling you that you can win the entire Friday the 13th film franchise in a neat little box-set for just £1!

Head on over to the link below and you could be reflecting just how lucky you are as the privilege of being scared silly by a bloke called 'Jason' only cost you a quid!
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Here at Yipiii we've all got #cannes2012 madness! #billmurray , #lanadelrey and #sachabaroncohen 's weird and wonderful antics hit the #croisette !

For pictures and words check out our blog in the link below!
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Yakshemash! Now that we've said it, that word is going to be in your head now.

Anyway, the reason we're throwing around fictional greetings from everyones favourite roving Kazakh T.V. reporter is because Sacha Baron Cohen has another new culturally misinformed, offensive and generally so unlikable that you're going to like him, character to add to his portfolio of alter egos.

'The Dictator' sees Cohen take on the role of General Aladeen, dictator of the fictional Republic of Wadiya, visiting America and generally offending everyone in sight as soon as he gets there. We don't have to tell you a lot of watershed moments of misadventures occur as soon as he opens his mouth.

Check out our latest blog entry to find out about all the hilarity at the London Premiere of 'The Dicator' last night!
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'Booyaksha’, ‘Yakshemash’ and a wholehearted ‘Vassup!’ to you all! You guessed it, we're still recovering from the cramps of laughter caused by Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest shenanigans at the London pr...
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In news sure to please hipsters everywhere, as mentioned before, Urban Outfitters is now a featured shop on Yipiii and our resident blogger, GioAT, has written a piece about it, just for you.

It's worth a read, with a mention of some funky products your might like from the Urban Outfitters store - not that you're not funky enough already. You're all funky people, we knew that already.

Hit the link and away we go:
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Da da da da da da...da da da da da da da...Batman!

That might be one to many 'da da da da' but we all know that's the first you think when bantering about Batman. The reason we're harking on about the caped crusader in his not-at-all once camp superhero outfit (fighting crime with your underpants on the outside?) is because our culture vulture GioAT has a new blog entry charming readers about how 73 years ago, this week, The Dark Knight was first introduced to us in Detective comics.

Check out the link below to have a read and remember, it's generally only superheroes who wear their pants on the outside...
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That pinnacle of every May, the one shining, silver beacon of light that ends the European football season is nearly upon us. On May 19th, the Allianz Arena will have that awe inspiring line of 'The Chammmmmmpionssssss' blaring out of it's stadium speakers. Brings a tear to your eye.

In anticipation of the Champions League final drawing ever closer after this week's thrilling semi-final ties, Yipiii are letting you in on the second best thing after getting your mittens on the European Cup itself - winning your team's kit for only £1.

You heard that right, yep. You could be dazzling your mates with skillful wing-play and step-overs and also falling over a lot as you don the 2011/12 Ronaldo Real Madrid Home Jersey you won on Yipiii for a mere pound. Now that's a winner even he would be proud off.

Head on over to the link below and spinning for your own bit of glory...
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Whilst mulling over our Mulberry bags, we got a little too excited and started swinging them around wildly after hearing the all too worthy of a bag-swing good news that Mulberry has released a Lana Del Rey inspired line of indulgent bags, as heralded in Pretty P's new Yipiii blog entry.

The Yipiii team can't get enough of those delicate, vain, poetic and 60s femme fatale-esque lyrics spilling from the pout lips of such a talented young songstress, then again, we can't get enough of swinging bags around in public with such enthusiasm that we'd put Olympic shot-put throwers to shame.

Hit the link below and have a read of what Pretty P thinks about it all, we tell you, she knows her stuff, and she's got a mean swing with a Mulberry handbag, watch out people, watch out!
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Win Your Shopping, Collect Discounts, Be Happy!
It's a funny thing, luck, either you have it or you don't. When you need Lady Luck the most, she seems to be caressing the fortunes of some other stranger and when you do finally have some, it's never enough!

Well, all that's going to change as, the world's no.1 Winmarket, gives every single one of you beautiful people the chance to win your shopping before you actually buy it, and the best thing about it is no one ever loses, everyone is a winner! How much luckier could you be?

With over 500,000 items to win from those glittering shops we all love such as Debenhams, Amazon, Selfridges, Currys, Boots, HMV, Marks & Spencer and Adidas, you'll be in shopping heaven.

So go on, give it a go, head over to and remember what Clint Eastwood would say if he ever had to win his shopping...

...''You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya...?''

Yeh Clint, we do!
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