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sean williams
Nice guy, coffee, dogs, internets.....
Nice guy, coffee, dogs, internets.....


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Book creator for Chromebooks - could be really cool !

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By the time the average American kid reaches double digits, they’re not just avid users of the Internet but likely carrying around an Internet-connected device in their pocket wherever they go. Talk to any one of them and you’ll see how excited they are about the opportunities this provides for fun, learning, creativity and more. But as kids are using technology more throughout their daily lives – at home, in the classroom, and everywhere in between – it’s important that they’re prepared to make smart decisions about online behavior. To kick off Internet Safety Month, we’re announcing Be Internet Awesome, a program that teaches kids the fundamentals of digital safety and citizenship so they can explore the online world with confidence.

In addition to a robust classroom curriculum for educators and resources for parents, the program includes Interland, an adventure-packed online game that teaches the key lessons of digital safety and citizenship through hands-on practice in a format kids already love: gaming. You can learn more and download tools at

In case you were interested in having a list of apps/extensions that we discussed in the Level 1 Bootcamp , here you go !

Little Alchemy
Biodigital Human
Desmos Graphing Calculator

Share to Classroom
Save to Drive
Great Suspender
Momentum Dash

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Hey all ! How are things ? I am wondering how things are going and if anyone has taken the test yet ? If you haven't - Can I help ? What do you need to be successful ? And don't forget ...

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Thought this was interesting so just passing it on ! It looks fun !
NASA and Texas Instruments (TI) today launched "The Search for STEMnauts," a virtual scavenger hunt designed to ignite students' interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Each week for the next six weeks, students in sixth through 12th grade will be challenged to solve space-related puzzles for a chance to unlock virtual reward points.

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Hey there Cadre ! I hope your week is off to a great start ! Y'all did a great job crowd sourcing our "How To " Doc ! There were a few blanks left so I just finished it up :) Below is a link so you don't have to go back and find it in Drive :)
Happy Tuesday !

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Great opportunity coming to Washington. Get ready Bremerton School District!
Chris Betcher Lisa Moldenhauer Highfill Tracy Rawson Poelzer Sean Williams

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