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Heidi Evans
Without passion's, one has not truly lived. I am a passionate person.
Without passion's, one has not truly lived. I am a passionate person.

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Happy Birthday to me!
Today is my birthday, and the cat decided to have her kittens last night!  Happy Birthday to me!

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Old friends, new changes, better life
Several months ago when I first bought Sassy, an old friend reconnected with the family and although many things have changed since we went back & forth consistently, there are just some things about the friendship that have not changed despite having not s...

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The newest addition to our little hobby farm: Sassafras
It's been quite a while since I posted, but I had a good reason! After having my second son, my world kind of "blew up" and I got very busy.  The saying "With one child you are a parent, with two you are a referee" rings true for me and my husband as our ch...

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Saw this and thought it was cool.  Thought perhaps some of you might also enjoy seeing it.

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Which honeycomb de-capping tool works best?? 

We spun honey yesterday and are wondering if there is something better out there than the method we've been using to de-cap the honeycomb (The yellow handled needle fork)
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Butchered 4 roosters; unexpected adventures
So, had some pretty interesting although catastrophic adventures yesterday. It was a nice day, I thought "OK this one reader person has asked for photos of the butcher process, I'm feeling OK, & I need to stop putting this off... let's get this done."  Got ...

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As The Egg Turns
Good morning blogger world! My husband says I need to share a story with you about the personalities my hens have developed. There are a few details necessary to describe the comical behaviors that have transpired. Sometime during the winter months, I got s...

Took a Gun Safety class last night with my sister.  It seems that I am a much better shot on an actual range, shooting actual targets, than my brother & husband had led me to believe.  Bulls eye so many times I tore out the middle.  Was shooting an EAA Pavona 9mm.

Have learned several things, like a better grip and that my natural shooting pose is a modified weaver, but also found out that I'm pretty smart about guns already.  :-)

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On the Saturday between Easter & Good Friday, I bought my son's 5 peking ducklings from TSC.  I thought "My sons are 2-years 6-months & 1-year; they're old enough to begin learning about animal husbandry & the responsibilities of owning and caring for anima...
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