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So my code is working fine in Chrome but in Firefox and IE10 it just isn't. Now I know I could change the css with a conditional statement to make it work, but I'd rather find out if I've coded something  poorly and that's why it's not working in the other browsers.

Basically text that's supposed to go on top of the images i.e. 'Paint a day', etc. are doing just that in chrome, but in the others it's taking margin the left from the end of the image instead of the start like chrome.

Any ideas?
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+Gabriele Petrioli I usually do ask there, but I for some reason I feel bad asking questions there that I think might be silly.

Are you saying your answer was not timely and of good quality....? I beg to differ.
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People sell pokémon!? is there actually a market?
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Dillon Brannick

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+Piers Larchet everything is when Kav is involved
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I like

Dillon Brannick

Nintendo 3DS  - 
My 3ds spot/streetpass light is always solid red. I can't find out anything about it. I'd appreciate any help
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+Dillon Brannick

Oooh, I see.
That shop rules.
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clientHeight seems to be getting a value of 0, so it is not affecting margin-top. Tested in Chrome, Firefox and IE11.

I'm trying to obtain the height (as it's not fixed but changes with window size) of an element and then apply that to the margin-top style in the CSS.

Any ideas why it's returning a value of 0.

Also I'd prefer to keep it pure javascript.
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I installed Wordpress with WAMP, but I don't know how to create a theme without getting the error 

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\twentytwelve\index.php on line 1

So I re-installed, and just tried to run a default theme, no luck either; same problem. 
localhost/wordpress loads correctly but anything in wp-content doesn't or anything I create.

I'm pretty sure it's a simple problem, but none of the info I've found has really helped. Wondering if anyone would be able to help me.
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I got it working; I just run the theme through wp-admin instead
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The image isn't appearing for me and I don't know why.


#home_bg {


<div id="home_bg"></div>
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Thanks for the help, I'm using relative paths now. The code looks so nice not using the dropbox urls. I should probably pay for hosting, so I can actually do it.
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Dillon Brannick

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+joey oakman just cut out those frames, extend them, then mask around the skier, then just let the original video play beneath the masked skier.
A short dialogue animation in maya
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